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Free Christian Higher Education at CLI

My name is Bobbye Marrs, and I am receiving free Christian higher education at CLI. I live deep in the heart of Texas in the USA. Growing up in a Christian home, I came to know the Lord early in life. I accepted Jesus and was baptized at seven years old. Several years later, while in a Girls in Action (GA’s) class, which emphasizes mission work around the world, I felt the call to ministry. I looked at my teacher, Ms. Reba Kendall, and asked, “Why would anyone do any other job than be a missionary?” The call to share the gospel was clear.

When I was 13, I felt the call to ministry confirmed while sitting on the left side of the sanctuary and watching the pianist. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, placing on my heart the desire to be in ministry. In my spirit, I heard a gentle voice say, “You’re going to be a pastor’s wife.”

My Marriage and Our Call to Ministry

But because other people didn’t take my call seriously, I began to doubt it. My life took some detours. When I was 21, I married my high school sweetheart. He was not a pastor. He was a machinist. Not long into our marriage, I sensed a desire to return to church life. Later, I learned that my husband had also surrendered to ministry at the age of 13 at a camp. We had not known each other then. Three years later, with our one-month-old daughter in my arms, we surrendered to vocational ministry together.

Since that time, I have faithfully served as a volunteer in nearly every type of ministry. I have supported my husband’s ministry and worked along-side him. During that time, he received licensure, ordination, and a bachelor’s degree.

Pursuing Free Christian Higher Education at CLI

God has placed a renewed sense of urgency for revival in my heart. I desperately want to use my spiritual gifts to make an impact for the Kingdom. My spiritual dream is to teach churches how to integrate project management into church administration. I also want to use my administrative skills to launch ministries that evangelize the lost and disciple Christians.

I have pursued multiple avenues for continuing my education. However, I could not bear the thought of putting my family into massive debt. The Christian Leaders Institute is truly a miraculous answer to prayer. Free Christian higher education is available to me online at CLI! Thank you, CLI, for this opportunity!

Interested in ordination? Check out the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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