Free Christian Leadership Training

Free Christian Leadership Training

I am Clarence Castro Ruiz. I am from Isabela, the Philippines, and am 20 years old. At this time, I am in the season of studying for my college degree in Civil Engineering. However, I have a calling from God to be a pastor in the Philippines. God wants me to pursue the Christian Leaders Institute free Christian leadership training to prepare me for the future. I am grateful that the Holy Spirit empowered me to be a Christian leader and given me boldness to share the gospel in my community. I was saved last year by the grace of God while a student.

My Childhood and Salvation

My childhood was full of sin, evil, and idolatry. I had a Roman Catholic upbringing. I came to know the Lord while in the eighth grade, when the pastor reached me. However, I did not listen or follow God’s Word.

There were many obstacles in my life before I fully surrendered my life to God. The death of my mother was God’s tool to save me. Another influence was when I almost died from kidney trouble. I underwent a left kidney removal, without stable finances. But, God provided me everything to be his testimony. The operation was very successful, and I recovered quickly by God’s grace and mercy. Therefore, I humbled my life before God as I can’t do anything without my Jesus!

Called to be a Pastor and Take Free Christian Leadership Training at CLI

The local church ministry helped me to grow and deepen my relationship with God. The Victory Christian Fellowship gave me some training to get to know God. I am grateful and blessed that God revealed His plan to me. He wants me to be a pastor of His children. God gave me first a strong desire to become an engineer. God fixed and settled everything for me before calling me to be a pastor.

The free Christian leadership training at the Christian Leaders Institute is a blessing with my college expenses. Thank you, CLI! God bless!

Interested in ordination? Check out the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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