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Welcome To Free Bible Training at Christian Leaders Institute

Do you need free Bible training? Maybe you want to get in a closer relationship with Christ. The Bible will help! The deeper you go, the more you learn about God’s Word for your life.

Are You Called To Ministry?

Are you called to bring revival to your area?  Are you a local Christian leader who desires high-quality free online Bible school classes for your ministry training right where you live? Do you want your knowledge of the Bible to deepen? Do you want your walk with God strengthened? Do you want to learn ministry insights taught at Seminaries, Bible Schools, and Bible Colleges? 

You will get a world-class Christian ministry education free of charge to you (See Testimony of Free of Charge).

The ministry donations of individuals, foundations, churches, and generous students have made this training free and accessible to the world. This free ministry training is sown in generosity and given freely to you!

This ministry training is highly rated by thousands of satisfied local Christian leaders.  CLI has a 4.9 rating out of five on our Facebook Page. Leading Missiologist Dr. Craig Van Gelder has endorsed the Christian Leaders Institute. Click Here to See his one-minute endorsement.

Free Bible Training Opens New Opportunities

Why do you need this Bible training? That is a good question to consider if you want to start completing free Bible training courses.  Completing these courses will open new doors to you in various programs connected to Christian Leaders Institute.

Get Awards

Christian Leaders Institute grants awards for the completion of combinations of courses in specific topic areas. Check out the Award page to see if any award program is right for you.

Get College Credentials

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School is the place where you can earn low-cost credentials. CLI’s Leadership Excellence School takes most of the free courses you will take. If you want or need college credentials your free bible training will really count for something.

Get Licensed or Ordained

Maybe you are on the volunteer, part-time, or full-time clergy track. Christian Leaders Alliance is where you receive recognized clergy credentials. The free Bible training courses can help you become locally ordained and globally recognized.

Ngozi Dozie began her Free Bible training at Christian Leaders Institute. She is free Bible Trainingoriginally from Nigeria but now lives in the United States.

Christian Leaders Institute is a great fit for immigrants. The free courses combined with the low fees for the programs keep people out of debt.

Read Ngozi Dozie story! 

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