Female Youth Pastor

Female Youth Pastor

My name is Sarah Carpenter and I am called to be a female youth pastor. I am 36 years old and I live in the United States with my family.

I came to know the Lord when I was a young girl. My family was always active in the church until my parents divorced. After the divorce, however, there was no more active church life until I became an adult. I was honestly never very committed to a faith relationship until I got sober in 2007. Over the past ten years, that relationship has been built on an unstable foundation until my mom passed away in October of 2016. I knew then that I had to make some serious changes in my relationship with Christ.

There are so many different experiences throughout my life that have led me to chose this path in ministry specifically. I have dealt with several issues including teen pregnancy, mental and physical abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, and self-harm, among others. I felt as though God was either punishing me or didn’t care at all.

Yet, as I have grown in my relationship with God I have learned to let go and trust that God loves me and wants a relationship with me no matter what I’ve done in my past. Through building that relationship, I have been able to not only let God heal the brokenness and hurt but also to see that God is able to use my mess to help others. I hope to prevent others from following my path or help bring healing through God’s Word and His mercy, grace, and love.

This Getting Started class has really opened my eyes and heart to all I have yet to learn and how much more growing and building I get to enjoy. The Bible Connections and Developing Devotional Habits portions have given me so much amazing direction and information in regards to building my own personal and family walk with God, as well as simple and practical steps to be able to share it with others.

My ultimate goal with working towards a degree in ministry is to become a youth pastor, specifically teen and young women. I have chosen this path because had I had a relatable female youth pastor to teach me the love and grace of Christ at that critical age, my life may have been drastically different.

In our area, drug use and the sex industry rule the streets. The money, drugs and the street life can easily be appealing and glorified to a young woman or teen that is broken and lost. This is a lifestyle that once one is in it, can not only be very difficult to leave but can often be deadly.

We currently attend two home churches: Vineyard Church on Sundays and Rock City Church on Wednesdays. Starting this month at Rock City, I will be taking part in Leadership Training to be able to begin leading Freedom Small Groups. We are also involved with an outreach ministry through a small church in our area called Crossroads Church where I have a woman I mentor with named Marie. There is also another woman who has been a close family friend for many years who is the executive minister at First Community Church, Dr. Deborah Lindsay.

A scholarship is vital to my goals in ministry, as I am unable to attend and afford a traditional school. I was very excited and blessed to have come across Christian Leaders Institute and your program. I am looking forward to earning my degree and digging deeper into God’s word.

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