Outreach Ministry Education - Edward's Story

Student Edward DeLisle utilizes the free online education he receives at Christian Leaders Institute for his Outreach Ministry. The courses at CLI are designed to give a quality Outreach Ministry Education to any called Christian Leader! Here is Edward DeLisle’s story..

Outreach Ministry Education – Edward’s Story

May the Lord be with you! My name is Edward DeLisle, and I live in the USA, in North Carolina. Here in my hometown it is a bit challenging to minister in that there are so many churches and different denominations.

I have lived most of my life doing what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. Drugs were a large part of growing up, even in my adult life. I came to my walk with Jesus when I turned fifty. I felt a strong pulling on my soul from Him. I knew I had to listen and started attending church regularly. The more I learned of God’s word, the closer I became to my Lord and Savior.

My dream for ministry is to help the lost and broken come to know Christ and to walk with Him every moment of every day. Currently, I am involved in an outreach ministry at a ranch. We are praying daily for the Lord to use the healing power of a working equestrian ranch to bring those who are lost back closer to nature and Him.

Being a pastor is where I feel my calling the most. I feel the Lord calling me to this higher purpose from inside my soul. I will listen and obey my God, and go wherever He leads me to go.

I believe my degree at CLI is where God has led me because He has placed a strong desire in my heart to be here. Please pray for us to be blessed with all that is needed to bring forth God’s mighty work that is set before us. Nevertheless, may His will be done in all we do and are.

Thank you for reading my story and may God and Jesus Christ our Lord always bless you in love.

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