Hello everyone,

My name is Simon NTAMACK, I’m from Cameroon. I’m a from a family of seven children and I’m the sixth. I’m married to my lovely wife Marguerite and we’ve got two daughters: Marveille who is 8 years old and Precieuse who is 3. I’m a Senior Technician in Industrial Maintenance by profession and I’ve been working since 2011 as a shift operator in a thermal power plant in Bamenda – the north west region.

I received Christ in my life as my personal Lord and Savior at the age of 14. I spent all my teenage years in His presence, but things started going wrong when I got to the University. I noticed that people from the church weren’t very active and lived for their own interests. I was really discouraged about that and I said to myself that I’d like to like what is written in the Bible. I thank God who connected me with His wonderful servant four years ago now, to help me. I am glad to stand by his side.

My great desire is to be revived and to bring revival to my family, my home church, my environment and everywhere God sends me. By finding this awesome and wonderful Institute, I trust God that I’ll be able to achieve my goals. Right now I’m still in Cameroon and I do not know where I’ll be next, but it’s very important to me to be well trained and equipped to bring revival wherever I go.

Getting a scholarship from CLI will enable me to be God’s witness and show people how Christians should live to give God the glory, because when I look around, I do not see God’s people reflecting Him.

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