Student Othniel Altidor is active in his community church and sought out an Accurate Word of God Education; so he enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute for the free online ministry courses! Here is his story..

Accurate Word of God Education – Othniel’s Story

My name is Othniel Altidor and I do ministry in the Hudson Florida area of the United States. I love doing my Heavenly Father’s work and love seeing lives changed by the power and impact of the word. The biggest obstacle for ministry I’ve noticed is attrition as many believers are not challenged to really stretch their spiritual muscles. God found me when I was 10 years old living with an uncle because my parents were divorced and they lack the time to handle me in my rebellion. My uncle, a Pastor, showed me not with words but with deeds how a Christian is supposed to live, how a husband is to cherish his wife, and the power that comes from being obedient to the Lord. My ministerial dream is a great revival not only in the Hudson area but in our nation. Jesus is coming back and he wants to see faith still abounding and I have faith he can really change the hearts of men and women and save us from ourselves. If people were to ask me who am I in Christ I am his servant but my calling is to Pastor. God’s constant presence and help in my life is what drove me to pursue ministry. I am indebted to God for showing me immeasurable mercies and love in all seasons of my life. My local church has really helped me grow by allowing me to use my gifts in leading the youth, preaching the gospel, and coordinating events to reach the lost for Christ. A scholarship is important because I want grow first and foremost for myself and also to accurately present the word of God. I would really appreciate prayer against the fear of men and to instill in our congregation an overwhelming love for God and doing his will.

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