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Bible Education Opportunity

My name is Malik Wiley, and I am thankful for the free Bible education opportunity at CLI. I was born in Dover, Delaware, February 16, 1972. I am the middle child of four. I was born out of wedlock. My parents met at Delaware state college, and my mother raised me in north Philadelphia. My early childhood years were good. There was no abuse or neglect. It was average to say the least.

I’ve always been an adventurous spirit, but that same spirit led me down the wrong path. My mother worked for the school board of Philadelphia. My father is a bishop in the church, so knowing God was there. I rebelled against everything dealing with God. For a time, I chose Islam to rebel against everything taught to me. At around 15, I took my first drink, and it was off to the races. Soon drug use followed and then jail time when I was no longer able to support my habit. And then, by God’s grace and mercy, I got shot. I prayed to God to change me to the man I am supposed to be.

Everything did not change overnight. I began to meditate on God’s Word and He started to speak to me. I’ve always been a leader since I was a child with the ability to influence others. Now I found out that the real purpose of this gift is to serve Him and bring people to Christ. Another gift is working with my hands to pray over people and to reach out to others to show them there is hope in Christ Jesus.

Christian Leaders Institute is indeed a Godsend for me to work on my relationship with God and to minister to others. This free Bible education opportunity is a blessing, and I know it. I just recently spoke at my father’s church, and I told everyone about CLI and my studies here at the school. The doctrine is sound and straight from the word of God. Amen for that! I will continue to work hard and to be more Christ-like every day of my life with God’s help.

Learn about Local Ecuministry Ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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