Godly Woman Minister

Godly Woman Minister

My name is Diamond Scott, and I desire to be a godly woman minister. I am from Taylors, South Carolina, which is in the United States of America. I am the youngest of two older sisters. I have served in the same church for four years, in which I am currently over the Prayer Box where I collect and maintain personal prayer cards from our congregation and visitors and intercede on their behalf.

While growing up, I always attended church with my grandparents who were of the Southern Baptist denomination. At the age of nineteen, I stepped out in search of my own church home. I fully believe that by the Holy Spirit I was led to the church where I attend now called “New Start Ministry” which is a non-denominational church where I worship and serve the Lord.

Over the past few years, I have grown a close and personal relationship with Christ. I not only see Him as my God, I see Him as a close friend. I know my heavenly Father loves me inside and out, and at the beginning of my journey, I didn’t understand that I could be loved the way He loves me.

My dream is to become a Women’s Minister and write faith-based books. Many young women have fallen into traps of the enemy that feel they can’t be loved. Many want to know this awesome Savior named Jesus; they don’t know how to jumpstart that relationship or how to maintain it. My ultimate dream is to win souls for the Kingdom of God.

My Pastor and his wife have played a considerable part in my growth in Ministry. They always encourage me to step out in faith and believe that God has an ultimate plan for my life.

I came across Christian Leaders Institute because I wanted to widen my horizons and explore deeper into the word of God. I am grateful that CLI offers free tuition because this education is going to help me grow into the godly woman minister I am to be. I will be a taught, trained, and credible Christian Leader. Thank you, CLI!

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