My name is Dorcas Priviledge Ndebele, and I am 30 years old. I was born in Zimbabwe and relocated to South Africa while I was still a teenager. I am the third born in my family with two older brothers and a younger sister and brother. Our mother is a strong, beautiful woman who has become my friend. In my earlier years, we did not have a relationship because she was always away. Each time she came back was with a baby, and, after a few days, she left and was gone for years. I never knew my father, and one of our brothers was taken by his father so I never really knew him till I was older. We had a difficult childhood being raised by different people. By God’s grace, my family is being restored. I have formed a bond with my brothers and sister; I couldn’t be happier. I have a son who is three years old; he is just a bundle of joy, and I have learned so much from him. I have learned about love, meekness, and forgiveness. I am grateful that the Holy Spirit has taught me many things through the eyes of a child. I love my son very much, but the relationship with his father is a challenging one though he also loves his son very much.

South Africa is a beautiful country filled with many races. There are a lot of churches with different doctrines, but what I see is that few are preaching the true, undiluted word of God. There is a rise in “prophet” run churches that people are flooding to, but they are coming out empty and unfulfilled. Many people who go to these churches are not saved, and they don’t know what the Bible says. Their lives are just the same as unbelievers’. Because of the rise in the number of prophets, people are rushing to these churches for instant problem solving and miracles. I have a passion to teach people the Word of God, to lead them to Christ, and to teach them how to have a personal relationship with God. I feel the urgency that lost souls be won for Christ, and that they are prepared for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Since I gave my life to Christ three years ago, it has been very difficult. I have faced persecution from the “religious” people and friends. Being a young, unmarried woman with a child has been a challenge and has brought me many enemies, but the work of God will be done.

My dream is to go around the world preaching the gospel. Currently, I am ministering to a small group of women and running a Facebook page called Arise Strong Women though it is in its infancy. I am targeting women who are abused, raped, broken, and having spiritual problems. I counsel and pray for them. I have made myself available 24 hours a day for these women, and I am grateful for the grace of God that enables me to serve full time.

Though I haven’t had any formal training in ministry work, I am sure that I am called to this work. My church is very small, and there is not much room. I am involved in almost every department: as a worshiper, a teacher/leader at Bible studies, an intercessor for the Church, and a leader of the women. This work is all done by the grace of God. I thank God also that I have been able to bring my family close to God, and that has given me peace and joy to see my family drawing close to God.

It is crucial for me to get a scholarship from CLI because I desire to be in a full-time ministry. I want to learn and know more about God, and I cannot afford to go to a formal Bible school for ministry training. Getting a CLI scholarship would allow me to continue ministering full time and still be able to study and get more advanced knowledge. For me, there is no limitation when it comes to the things of God. I will go where God leads me, and I will learn more where I am given the opportunity. Please pray for me that I may obtain more wisdom and knowledge and that I may live to glorify my Father in heaven.

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