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It has been my cry for so long to study the Word of God so that I may be able to “rightly divide the Word of truth,” that I may be able to lead well the flock which the Lord has entrusted to me. But because of the financial challenges, I couldn’t afford to. CLI ministry training for free is a great miracle to me and an answer of prayer. It is of great importance to me because it will help me be equipped with the right tools to accomplish what has been laid in my heart by the Lord.

CLI Ministry Training For Kenyans

My name is Chenze Jacob Ndune. I live in the city of Mombasa in the country Kenya. I am married to Stella and blessed with two boys, Jacob, 14, and Nathaniel, 11. Kenya is a land where people are hungry for the word of God. They love God a lot and this makes it a good place to do God’s ministry.

The Lord got me back in September 20, 1990, when I was stranded. My mother and father had died earlier in 1988 and 1990 respectively and I was left with a heavy task of looking after my younger sister and brother while I was still young and without a job, we suffered a lot. So I had to become a robber so as to earn a living. We had no one to take care of us, so medication became a difficult thing to get. My brother had to go to the dumping place to look for food from garbage, where later on he took poison and died. My younger sister married while underage. Life lost its meaning and I didn’t see the reason for living. I decided to commit suicide and there is when Jesus sent His servants, preached to me and I received Him as my personal Savior. Life changed, I was healed and it dawned on me, thank you Jesus for rescuing me from this great damnation. I went to church and He gave me a family who loved me and made earth a better place to live again.

In me grew the zeal to live for God, to know Him and serve Him. This zeal led me to have times for fasting and praying that God used to guide my life. One time, in July 12, 1991 when I was in a three days fasting and praying before God, He appeared to me and told me “Lift up my name and I will draw people to myself.” After that the zeal to serve Him grew so intensely which led me to be ordained as an Evangelist and was sent out in 1994. Later on, I was ordained as Pastor and founded a church known as, Siloam Pool Missions, which I Pastor.

Our dream is to reach out to the unreachable with the gospel and plant churches where there are none. Our major challenge is resources whereby it becomes very hard to fulfill what God has laid in our hearts because it takes very long to achieve minimal. The speed on fulfilling one’s calling is very low, the church tries to support the vision but because of poverty challenges, they can’t do it to the maximum and this becomes a great discouragement to many ministers of the gospel in our land which leads others to quit the ministry and do other things. My family has been so supportive to my ministry calling which has been a great encouragement to me and has kept me moving this long. They are always contented with the humble life of faith we live and this makes me to greatly thank God for them.

I pray that CLI will pray for me and my ministry that God will give us the right resources so that we may be able to carry out and fulfill the vision in right speed and time.

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