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“When I turned 15, God had instilled in my life another passion. God began molding me to become, well who I am today. As much as I love music, I love ministering through my music even more because it allows me to be able to tell all of you the reason why I am alive today. It allows me to be able to tell all of you the reason why I do all of these things. It allows me to tell you that perfection took form of man and died for each and every one of us for our sins and rose again on the third day. That is the reason why I’m here. I’m here because I want to grow more in the word. A goal of mine is to see God use the youth group I’m currently leading alongside with my friend Rich to reach out to the city of Miami. Our youth group name is Revive, and the reason is because not only do I believe God is going to Revive our youth group, but God will revive our city.”        -Alexander Rodriguez

Hello! My name is Alexander Rodriguez, but I go by Alex. I was born in the year of 1991 in good old Miami, Florida. My father, brother, and I are engineers. My dad is a mechanical engineer. My brother is a computer and electrical engineer, and I am an electrical engineer. I work as a sales engineer with my dad at the family owned business called ALLI Pumps, Inc. Before anything though I wanted to share the greatest day of my life. The day I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior.

I was 4 years old. One day I was in the bath tub and asked my mom what salvation was. She explained to me what it was and how to accept it, and on that evening I prayed with my mother. I remember after I prayed I felt a complete joy in my heart, and honestly I thank God every day for that because if it hadn’t been for that day I wouldn’t be doing the things that I’m doing right now.

For example, I love worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through music. I play guitar, drums, bass, piano, and I sing and write songs to exalt our Heavenly Father. One of my passions is Christian leading in worship, but aside from that my other passion is to minister to the youth. I work with a youth group for my church and it’s amazing what God is doing in there. I am also a family man. My parents have raised both me and my older brother to be family men. I went on my first missionary trip to Nicaragua with my parents and my brother when I was 7. My parents have been serving in church for nearly 3 decades. My brother also shares the same passion for music if not stronger. He is truly gifted. Neither he nor I have taken any music classes, and we praise God every day for our musical talents.

I love worshiping our Heavenly Father. I love singing the sweet name of Jesus Christ. I’ve been able to have the honor and privilege to worship Him through singing ever since I was 7 years old. God gave me the words to my very first song at that age, and ever since He has written many songs through me. I then started playing instruments when I was 12 and by the time I was 14, I was playing the drums, bass, acoustic, and electric guitar alongside with my mentor/hero/older brother, Luis Rodriguez.

Christian leading at Christian Leaders Institute will help me achieve that goal in reaching out to our youth because it will allow me to gain more knowledge of the word of God. The knowledge that I will learn here will better equip me when I face lost youth, or even a lost city because again Lord willing, God will use me to lead them to His feet. I always say to the youth group that yes Jesus is the light of this world but we are the light holders. It’s like a flash light. We know the flash light works and that when it’s on it will illuminate the darkness, but someone needs to turn it on.

With a Christian leading ministry program at Christian Leaders Institute will help me shine His light. If you will, let  “Jesus’ ” flashlight not only shine on the lost souls of Miami, but Lord willing on the lost souls of the world. I would encourage everyone who reads this to please pray for not only me, but for those who I will be working with so that God may be able to use us in a powerful way.

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