CLI Illuminates Light

CLI Illuminates Light

I am Christopher Stanford Gonolinje, a Malawian national living in South Africa. I joined the CLI course in the month of August 2018 and I see that CLI illuminates light in Christian Leaders around the world. Prior to studying at CLI, I lived a normal Christian life committed to prayer, church attendance and serving in positions as a local leader in my denomination. However, I could feel that I needed more in the path of Christian leadership. I started searching the internet to find training within my economic reach.

My Google search landed on the Christian Leaders Institute website. Upon reading through it, I felt that God was answering my prayers of accomplishing the Christian leaders training with little monetary expense on my end. This is an answer to my prayer because I strongly desire such training but my financial resources are not permitting me to meet the costs in the traditional colleges. I find that CLI resonates with my economic need.

I quickly registered and downloaded the “Getting Started Class” lectures in PowerPoint format. I choose this format because of my internet connection. I studied each and every course unit with passion and the hunger to discover more. Thereafter, I completed the quizzes and scored above average in all of the first five quizzes. I also started sharing the course content with my friends. Some of them are pastors and church leaders. I did this in our daily conversation, paraphrasing and posting in social networks such as Facebook.

I discovered that CLI materials can transform and equip a person with the light of leadership. People around me started addressing me with greater respect, even my senior pastors and leaders started coming to consult with me when a leadership challenge arose on their end. Some even asked me to help them prepare the leadership teachings and presentations for in-house training. In this, I did not struggle, as I reread the course content of CLI and paraphrased materials with reference to CLI, then let them use it. After the use, all appreciated and dignified the material.

It is for these reasons I have come to the conclusion that the CLI materials and course programs are indeed illuminating the light of leadership to the individuals who study them. I look forward to learning more and attaining the extraordinary insights into being a strong Christian leader to work in God’s kingdom as I proclaim salvation in Jesus Christ. I thank you, Henry Reyenga and all the staff at CLI.

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