Canadian Ministry Dream

Read this inspiring Canadian ministry dream of a student who hopes to share her testimony in a speaking and writing ministry to reach out to men and women within the Kingdom of God who are survivors of abuse and trauma. 

Canadian Ministry Dream

My name is Earla Pollard. God’s blessings on your life, my brothers/sisters in Christ. I am excited to be a Christian Leaders Institute student with you! I was born, raised and continue to be privileged to say I am a Canadian. It seems an appropriate moment to give a prayer of thanks and acknowledge the freedom of religion and speech I have here in Canada.

In my geographic area, there are many Godly resources available to access the path to ministry. My local church has an abundance of loving, God-serving mentors, a variety of ministry opportunities for me to serve my church family and practice what I learn at Christian Leaders Institute. There is also a Christian family camp ministry with strong, God-fearing leaders that I can attend each summer and I am hoping to be a volunteer there. This would be a fascinating and unique forum for my Heavenly Father to mold my spiritual gifts to His Glory, and I am excited by the quality of mentorship I could receive! I am very blessed and humbled to have access to such wonderful resources.

My Canadian ministry dream – who am I to have such a dream? I relate to God calling the least, using the weak and broken. That’s me! Like Gideon, I needed reassurance that God was really calling me. That He would be there to fulfill what only He would have to do if He was going to use me. This past year, the Lord has just heaped on the answer – yes He is, and yes He will. I could no longer deny it or run away in fear. As I decided to stand up and obey, He has replaced the fear in my heart with that undeniable passion to answer the call that Henry Reyenga talks about at the beginning of the Ministry 101 and Getting Started classes.

So – deep breath – my Canadian ministry dream is one of sharing my testimony in a speaking and writing ministry. I would love to reach out to men and women within the Kingdom of God who are survivors of abuse and trauma and proclaim how. In the last 19 years of my adult life, my Heavenly Father has been healing and restoring me from the ravages of family dysfunction, abuse, and trauma – and He can do it for them too.

My family of origin has survived at least three generations of severe emotional, mental and spiritual abuse and trauma. As I left my family at 18 years of age to start a new life in a new city, I was witnessed to by a legalistic, cult-like organization and went on to experience another 12 years of spiritual, mental and emotional abuse. I had two children during these years. Every aspect of my life was controlled by this organization.

For such a time as this, God made Himself known to me and protected my life throughout my childhood and early adult years. Then, praise the Lord, when I was 30 years of age, the gentle Lamb of God tenderly reached down into the oppressed pit of my life and took my deeply shattered, fear-filled soul, all the brokenness and loss. He tucked me under His wings and graciously and mercifully helped me escape the pit. He has been nursing me back to health and full restoration. The fierce Lion of Judah has been my shield, my victor, and stands before me and behind me and on both sides of me as He gives me the right to claim victory for me and my children in the face of the evil and sin from Satan. Not only will I survive, but I will thrive to the Glory of God.

God has graciously and mercifully picked me up out of my early childhood and adulthood abuse trap. Thanks be to for God rescuing me when He did. My children, who are the fourth generation, have experienced a little less damage, but need His love and healing to restore their hearts so it ends with them. My heart will sing one day to see my grandchildren know only God’s love. And who knows, maybe God will bring restoration to family members, such as my mother, brothers, nieces, and nephews – someone other than just me! Wouldn’t that be awesome? I am not close with them but would love to be if we could have an emotionally healthy family. I pray for an opportunity to make amends. I have hurt their hearts with words spoken while I was ill spiritually and mentally.

A further challenge added to my life has been my health. I was diagnosed with Severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is very rarely triggered anymore, praise God. My “thorn in the flesh” is that I live each day with multiple physical disabilities. I continue to pray that God would once again show his extravagant character and heal me, but in the meantime I see Him provide strength when I need it. The difficult days persistently offer me the opportunity to learn acceptance and patience, which I struggle with. I have had sporadic employment as a result of my poor health. Somehow, God always comes through with the financial provision as needed, even when I allow fear to rule and forget to trust Him yet again. It really is remarkable.

This brings me to the Christian Leaders Institute’s debt-free education! What a blessing it is to my life and for my Canadian ministry dream. Thank you to those who give to and support this ministry with generous hearts. I believe for the day when I can give back to another person like me to further the Kingdom of God!

From the time I was a young girl, my heart’s desire was always to know God’s Word, and that has never changed, whatever situation I have been in. I learned a lot of subtly twisted interpretation of scripture during my years in the cult-like organization. I have been blessed with many instances of right doctrine preached with right hearts since God brought me out. I am grateful beyond measure. I wanted an opportunity to ensure I was well-grounded in sound doctrine and have the proper skills to serve, witness and teach through Bible college training. I couldn’t imagine how I would accomplish such a feat financially or physically to reach my Canadian ministry dream. Of course, God provided – He led me to CLI. Debt-free and online! Amazing!

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