Mission ministry Call

Mission Ministry Call

I am Laila Kumar and I have a mission ministry call from God. I am from the Philippines but now reside here in India because my husband is here. I know God has a plan for me to share His word with everyone. I came to know Christ at a young age in the month of December at our Sunday school. It was there that God showed me the Way. I’m so thankful because I am chosen to be His child.

My ministry dream is to open a mission church here in Jammu Kashmir, India. By God’s grace, I hope to lead people to know Christ as their Lord and Savior and to live their life for His glory.

This first class at CLI strengthened and renewed my walk with God by opening my eyes and showing who I am and why I am here in His word. It has taught me things to consider in my daily walk with Him. It helps me know my God and Creator, to walk closer to Him, to trust Him, to lean on Him. I am to be a light for Him wherever I go on my mission ministry call.

I identify most with being a Pastor and Evangelist because it has a big influence on me as I am a servant of God. God uses them to be an eye opener, to see the need for Him. This is my purpose and why I am here and what my mission ministry call is as a child of God.

The key experience in my life that prompted me to pursue ministry is the grace and the goodness of God in my life. He forgave me and gave me peace and hope in my darkest days that no one can snatch away from me. Now I can share with others that God is always there and will never leave them. He is the only one who can give eternal life. I want others to experience Christ in their life and live for Him too.

The unique challenges in my geographic area are that the people don’t know the truth and they are slaves to old traditions and religions that lead them astray. I want them to be set free from this by knowing Christ as their Lord and Savior. My local church “Patotoo Online Ministry” with my pastor and mentor Pastor Irwin Noriega is on 24 hours and he is always teaching us and mentoring us. We’re blessed to have a pastor like Him, fully dedicated to serving God as well as His family. He is the one who encouraged me to take classes at Christian Leaders Institute where he also studies. He is the one who fired me up to study at CLI to learn more. He is always mentioning CLI and serving in God’s kingdom in his preaching. Deep in my heart and my mind, someone was telling me, “it’s you”, and I know it is the Holy Spirit.

I am thankful to God. I know God has a plan why I am here at CLI and why I came to know and learn at this institute. CLI is important to my ministry dream because it is an eye-opener to me to see what I need to consider to change in me and grow in Christ. Things need to be strengthened, especially to being a responsible believer in Christ in my daily living in dealing in every situation with my family, myself, my neighbors, my community, and so on. Mostly I need to seek God and know Him more and more. I seek to trust and to follow what He wants me to be. I am not to lean on my own understanding but to lean on Him.

Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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