Christian Leaders with Disabilities Receive Free Ministry Training

Christian Leaders with Disabilities Receive Free Ministry Training

Christian Leaders with disabilities receive free ministry training so they can do the Lord’s work. “Students with disabilities continue to face negative attitudes and stereotypes in the education system” Human Rights Commission. Often those called to ministry face many obstacle as well. CLI believes that everyone should get an opportunity to receive high-quality ministry training

Read Jenny’s story…

I was born in 1977 and just eight weeks later was involved in a near fatal motor vehicle accident. When my parents who were 16 and 18 at the time arrived at the hospital they were told that I would never walk, talk, graduate high school, get married, have children or be normal. They were preparing my parents for a child who would remain a vegetable. I am proud to say God had a different plan for me! 39 years later, I am a widow, a mother of two beautiful children. I live in the United States and have always been here. I am learning more and more every day about God and am now volunteering with one of our AWANA’s programs.

I came to know the Lord through my accident and through my many struggles through life. I started studying the Bible in 1996 when I was dating my daughter’s father who was an ordained minister. We would have regular Bible Studies on a nightly basis until he passed away in 1999. My dream is to follow in his footsteps and help those who are disabled and want to know God, but are struggling. I have decided to branch out and focus on children’s ministry because they are so impressionable and have the desire to learn.

I would identify myself more of a small group leader more than anything. The one thing that stands out as to why I want to pursue ministry is watching my niece and nephew wanting to go to church daily. After the first time I took my now eight year old niece to church, she asked me if she could go back. I asked her why she was so excited to go and she gave me this really weird look and said, ” Auntie, I want to go and sit next to the man in white with brown hair. He told me that he wants to be my friend and I can trust him.”

Some of the challenges I see in my area is the lack of children’s and youth ministries because families just don’t see God as a part of their lives. I hear now days that parents don’t take their children because it was so forced growing up that they don’t want to do that to their children. I also have been told that you don’t have to be in a church to serve and learn about God. My local church supports me on a daily and weekly basis. They are supporting me now by showing me what it is like in helping preschool aged children learn about God.

My family is quite confused as to why I want to do this, but it has also sparked some interest in a few siblings and they are starting to open up about God and ask questions. I find this more often with one of my current jobs. We have many discussions about religion.

A scholarship at CLI is important to my ministry training because without it, I am not sure how I would do it. Being disabled all my life and living without most necessities and just learning to live with the bare minimum, I have struggled to continue my passions. CLI can pray that my health and disability does not prevent me from meeting my goal in helping others find God. I want to reach those who want to learn and those who are struggling with their own demons.

Christian Leaders with Disabilities Receive Free Ministry Training at CLI! Praise God!

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