Free Nigerian Seminary

A Free Nigerian Seminary is available for Nigerians and others in Africa and all over the world. This free Nigerian seminary may be just right for you. Utilize the gifts God has given you to reach people through Christ.

What type of Christian leader may benefit from such an opportunity?

Free Nigerian Seminary

I was born into a Christian family in Yobe state, Nigeria on 25th October 1993.

I gave my life to Christ in 2011, and got baptised that same year. I learned about walking with God, being born again, being filled with the Holy Spirit, and the importance of living a holy life. However, I wasn’t doing what I had been taught until Boko Haram insurgents came and attacked our state. I travelled out to Jos, Plateau State, where I both pondered, and came to know about my real purpose. This is where I started to experience who God is and what He wants me to do… I then began exploring His Word.

My call to be a minister was back in 2006/2007 when God spoke to me through dreams, visions, people I would find myself around, and occurrences. However, at that point in time I was so young, and I was not trained on how to listen to God, and how to go about being a trained minister until a friend, Anjili Maidawa, told me about Christian Leaders Institute and the free courses offered. I enrolled and am richly blessed to get what I’ve been looking for – and to know about my calling and Spiritual life.

This led me into children ministry, my church, and using my social media as a medium for ministry and evangelism.
Christian Leaders Institute has done great and marvellous things in my life as a young person and minister. I’ve been taught and trained many things I didn’t previously know. As someone once said, and I conquer, “I have been exposed to life and eternity through Jesus Christ. Evangelism, meaning of doctrine, pastoral care, holiness, and importance and presence of the Holy Spirit in a Christian life”.

Thank God for CLI and its sponsors. I pray that God should replenish and continue to bless you all.
Barnabas Ibrahim Gago

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