Christian Leaders Ministry Training

Christian Leaders Ministry Training

My name is William Miller and I am excited to receive free Christian Leaders Ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. I was born in a Christian home. We attended a non-denominational church and I was baptized in the 4th grade. I really don’t know of a day when I accepted Christ, He was always there.

I’ve long felt a calling but it wasn’t until my wife had serious back issues that were healed in a matter of an hour and a half of prayer did I feel the need to “step it up.” Something was missing in our Christian belief systems so we spent the next 12 years looking across the country for, and studying, the signs of the believers. God then gave us roughly six months of direction which put together the scripture and research to share with others about his amazing love, healing, and the wonderful things already in us through Christ Jesus.

Years of attending Sunday School, teaching youth Sunday School, teaching married couples Bible Studies, Theology classes at Colorado Christian University while working on a BS in Mathematics, Eagle Rank Boy Scout and still BSA adult leader, coaching youth sports for decades, and many years of going to different prayer ministry training classes where we found the signs of the believers all add to the Christian leaders ministry training.

My ministry journey noticeably began when baptized in the 4th grade where I experienced the Holy Spirit in a new way. However, once we put into print the material from several years ago for sharing what God blessed us with we began giving classes at different local churches sharing the good news of who we are in Christ, what it means to live in the Spirit, His will for us, and the love of God for us.

After 30 wonderful years in aerospace, I can’t think of anything more amazing than sharing God’s living Word. Ironically, the years in aerospace gave me the insight to recognize uncertainty in our belief systems which inhibits our relationship with the Trinity (ref: Hosea 4:6 “my people perish for lack of knowledge…” traditions of men make null and void the word of God, and the word, not mixed with faith and belief made it of no effect.) We are currently looking to share what we were blessed with to anyone who has an ear to hear and wants to be transformed from glory to glory.

I’ve been married 35 years to my high school sweetheart. We got married right after I graduated college with an Electronics Technology degree. We have a 30-year-old son, 29-year-old daughter, and 21-year-old son, one daughter-in-law, and one granddaughter. I coached many years of soccer, baseball, and basketball through Junior High ages and was blessed with the challenges of being the dad of an NFL player. I am also blessed by my daughter and the other son who have amazing artist and musician skills respectively that get used for worship services and songwriting like “The Calling” by Atoned4. My daughter-in-law is an impressive Physician’s Assistant who could run a hospital and my granddaughter, is, of course, the greatest granddaughter in the world.

I also served on a Christian School Board for a Lutheran Church for several years, a National Conference of Standards Laboratories International Board of Director member for several years, and Boy Scout Committee member as both Committee Chair and Advancement Chair.

Mountain biking, cross country running (okay, so I call it running for an over 50 years old), camping, climbing 14’ers, sciences, inventions, exploring, teaching, learning, etc. are all things I enjoy. My desire is to share God’s living Word with all ages, help Christians see what they truly have inside them, and to be ordained as a Christian Minister by studying at Christian Leaders Institute.

Learn about Ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance.

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