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Are you curious about what goes on at the Christians Leaders Institute? Here is where you can access what interests you at Christian Leaders Institute.

Christian Leaders Institute launched on the web in 2006. Since that time, tens of thousands of Christian Leaders graduates and thousands of subjects have connected for global impact for Christ.

Some of the posts will cover the stories of our outstanding graduates. Some posts could include topics that are interesting to Christian Leaders and ministers. Some of the posts will connect to our classes or relevant topics. Some Christian Leaders Institute posts will be news and events.

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Christian Leaders Posts Index

This index will help you find where posts are located. These posts will be put into categories that will guide you to what interests you. Click on the heading to see posts.

Bible School Interest

Many Christian Leaders Institute graduates are interested in the Bible focus at Christian Leaders Institute. These graduate love the Bible and want to study it.

Ministry School Interest

Ministry Graduate stories feature Christian Leaders Institute graduates who have completed at least the Connection Award. These inspiring stories connect you to the Christian Leaders God is calling here at Christian Leaders Institute.

Ordained Leader Stories

Ordained leader stories connect you to those Christian Leaders Institute graduates who have been licensed or ordained through training of Christian Leaders Institute free classes and the partnership with Christian Leaders Alliance.

Christian Leaders College Graduate Stories

Christian Leaders College will accept the free classes of Christian Leaders Institute and provide college credentials for those who want and need them. Be inspired by the graduates stories of Christian Leaders College.

Preaching Acts and Post

Preaching Acts and Post is led by Christian Leaders Institute preaching professor Dr. Bruce Ballast. These preaching posts will encourage those interested in communicating more effectively!