Christian Leader Ministry Training

Christian Leader Ministry Training

My name is Gloria Belonwu and I am receiving Christian Leader ministry training at CLI. My country of origin is Nigeria in West Africa, but I am a citizen of the United States of America now. I was born in September of 1963 into a Christian family. Our denomination was formerly known as the “Christian Missionary Society” but is currently known as the Anglican Church or the Church of England. I received an infant baptism at birth and got confirmed into the church communion during my preteens. Growing up, I will say that I knew quite a lot about God and Jesus Christ through the teachings at the church and through the Bible knowledge classes in high school where I tried to read and memorize some scriptures in order to pass the class. But I did not have a personal relationship with God or any encounter with Christ until later in my life.

In 1990, I got married to Mr. Christian Belonwu in a small Baptist Church in his village. I gave my life to Christ in 1995 at a dinner program that was organized by the “Full Gospel” businessmen’s fellowship. I had some disagreement with my husband at that time with my new faith. He did not want me to go too deep into it because he was scared that these wealthy Christian brothers would take his wife from him. In order to calm down my husband’s fears, I decided to leave the full “Gospel Fellowship” and joined the “Scripture Union of Nigeria” and I was able to grow spiritually here.

The decision to be a Christian leader and receive Christian leader ministry training has been in my mind after leading my small Baptist church at one point in the late nineties. Also from my quest to know God more and find out ways to serve Him. I have been telling my family and friends for years now that I will be going to Bible school after retirement. I put the Bible school training after retirement because of my full-time job and current financial burden which I believed would be better after retirement. But I changed my mind when I found out about online free Christian Leader ministry training with Christian Leaders Institute.

I plan to use the knowledge and experience from the Christian Leaders Institute to help in many areas in my current church. Since I plan to go back to Nigeria at some point after retirement, I will want to help my local church in their spiritual growth and my community at large. Free Christian leaders training will mean a lot to me at this time. The scholarship program will help me to start doing the training now while I still have the energy and strength instead of waiting until after retirement. I pray that God will help me to achieve my goals as a Christian Leader in Jesus name.

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