Free Christian Leader Classes

Free Christian Leader Classes

My name is Gabrielle Marie Sipes and I am receiving free Christian leader classes at Christian Leaders Institute. I am from Greenfield, Missouri. It is wonderful to be a Christian leader. Being a Sunday school teacher means I have the teens and younger children that look up to me. Even living in a small town you have drugs and teen pregnancies and a lot of other stuff. I didn’t ever think that I would have younger children looking up to me but it makes me feel like their big sister if that makes sense. I want them to know that they can always come and talk to me about anything and everything, no matter what it is.

My childhood was troubled. I grew up in Iowa with my mom and whatever guy she was with. I didn’t know who my real dad was until the age of ten. Growing up, my mom stole and lied in front of me so I thought that was the right thing to do. I ended up in several programs and being sent away for awhile. I even ended up in foster care for a couple of months. When I was ten, I moved in with my dad. That situation was not any better. It was a mental and physically abusive situation. He used us kids as slaves and always had a new girl over every week. He was a person who read the Bible but didn’t follow it. I didn’t really believe in God until I got a little older.

Even though my childhood was hard, I have fixed the relationship with my mother and kind of with my father. I feel like I have faced a lot of obstacles. There was a time when I was depressed and suicidal and I cut myself. I thought God had abandoned me, but slowly I fought the depression on my own and stopped cutting. I turned to Jesus and He helped me through my family life. The abuse never stopped. The women my dad married made sure of that.

When I moved here to Missouri, I felt I might know peace with my husband Jake. I believe that God put him in my life to help me get out of a bad situation. That is when I realized I wanted to strengthen my relationship with God. I got re-baptized at the age of 19 by my own choice. I became a Sunday School teacher and that is when I really felt the presence of God. My husband has helped me through so much and so has God.

I started taking Christian Leaders Institute free Christian leader classes for a few different reasons.  One, to expand my knowledge of God, and two, because I feel like this school will help me on my spiritual journey as a Christian leader. I always like learning new things and this school has a lot of things to teach. When I am in my church is when I feel the most connected with God, but I want that connection all the time and I feel that CLI will help me with that. Expanding my knowledge of God will also help when we decide to have children. I cannot wait to see what is in store for me at CLI.

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