Christian Leader Free Training

Christian Leader Free Training

I’m Humphrey Mathalo of South Africa, and I am receiving Christian leader free training at Christian Leaders Institute. I was born on the 9th of January, 1984, at Mulanje Mission Hospital, Malawi, Africa. As I grew in my community, being a small schoolboy, I had a complicated life as I was living and attending my primary education in a Christian-Islamic environment. However, since my childhood, I knew that there was and still is Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. My spiritual seriousness was under attack due to peer pressure and the effect of a Christian-Islamic environment which in turn brought in spiritual confusion.

As a teenager, the day to remember approached when there was a Christian crusade right in my home village. It was organized by some Christian Pentecostal brethren from the city of Blantyre, who came to my home village for evangelism. These brethren stayed in the village for three good days. On the third day of their witnessing for Jesus, I responded to them when they asked, “Is there anyone who wants to receive Jesus as the Lord and personal Savior of their life?” So at the age of 16, I met Jesus! I became a new, born-again Christian.

There were a lot of obstacles along the way when I was growing. It always is for poor African children who drop out of school because of hunger, poverty, and long-walking distances between home and school, the same factors contribute to the failure of church-going. Despite all these negative factors, my parents used to encourage me to move on with my Jesus and education, saying, “No sweet without sweat!”

When I went to attend my secondary education, I met a worship team which I joined. It was so influential that I felt the presence of God hovering over the campus. This is where God became real to me even though at that time I had already received Christ in my life.

So having obtained my doctoral degree in Christian Evangelism, I have been curious to learn more about Christian leadership so that as a leader, I should lead the sheep of Christ accordingly. I found Christian Leaders Institute where the Christian leader free training is a great opportunity for me and those I minister to. This training will contribute positively to the knowledge of principles of good Christian leadership that brings forth spiritual growth in the ministry.

Honestly, this Christian leader free training is a blessing to me. As we all know, gaining accredited Christian education costs a lot of money, which is a barrier to Christian leaders who lack Christian education. So I’m blessed, feeling good that this free training is necessary for me as I happen to lack finances. Truthfully, the opportunity for training or education is always important with no question, as it gives a go-ahead encouragement to the less privileged individuals who were likely to drop out of their studies due to lack of study fees. So thank you, Christian Leaders Institute, for stretching out a helping hand for the work of God!

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