Free Christian Education Opportunity

Free Christian Education Opportunity

My name is Mandy Pierson and I am excited about this free Christian education opportunity with Christian Leaders Institute. I am from Chunchula, Alabama in the United States of America. I would like to share my story with you. I grew up going to churches but not understanding what church was all about. As I was growing up, I was learning about God and Jesus. I was loving learning about him and the Bible. I became a believer, and it was awesome that God loved me and I loved him.

Then I grew up and life got hard and I left God behind. I believed in him and knew that Jesus died on the cross for my sins but I was not a true Christian. I got involved in taking drugs and drinking. But then, I woke up because I was tired of living the life I did not want anymore. I went to rehab and got straight. But when I got out of rehab, I started drinking again and I got pregnant from a one-night stand.

Thankfully, I met a wonderful man whom I married, and he became my son’s father. We started going to church and tried different churches. Finally, we found our church that we attend now and it has been awesome. I have been born again and baptized, and it is a wonderful feeling. I praise God for bringing me back into the fold.

Recently, I found Christian Leaders Institute online. So far, it has been a great experience and I am learning so much from the classes at Christian Leaders Institute. Thank you for this amazing Christian education opportunity as I pursue training for the calling I have been given. I am eager to learn more about God, His word and so much more in this free Christian education opportunity!

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