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In April of 1997, I was battling all types of spiritual attacks which I had no idea of how to fight until I attended a conference with one of my daughter’s teachers. I began to learn about salvation and spiritual warfare. I fell down so many times. So many times I ran away when I realized that GOD was calling me into ministry. Finally, after I moved to Mississippi I accepted my call into ministry and decided to continue my Christian educational journey. Thanks to my daughter, Abiegail Billingslea for introducing me to your online bible school in July 2014. I am so happy for that.

My name is Rhonda B. Riley. I currently live in a small community in the state of Mississippi where I’ve been since 2011. I am originally from Detroit, Michigan. It was there that I accepted Christ at the age of 12. Though I was in church, I had no clear understanding of what it meant to be a Christian. Living in an urban city you see so much of what’s suppose to be okay to do and don’t do when you’re saved. It was very confusing, so I just walked away from church. I returned to church years later only to leave again because I had no grounding.

My family attended church with my cousin and I felt so at home. I joined the church and finally my husband, daughter, grandson, and brother also joined. I knew that GOD was getting me ready for ministry. Jesus was calling my entire family into ministry. I finally accepted my call in ministry and it feel so good to know my place. My pastor encourages us to visit other churches and seek more in depth Christian education. My pastor and first lady seriously lead by example. I was so happy to tell my pastor about CLI.

As a Christian Leader I believe that it is important to be properly trained so that you may train others. A free Christian education from CLI will enable me to be an effective weapon in GOD’S army. I desire to minister to people about the salvation and goodness of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am on a very fixed income right now and can’t afford at this time to pay for bible college. CLI is very important in furthering my christian education and ministry work. CLI is so vital for today’s educating and preparation of Christian’s for their walk with Jesus. The Christian’s Basic Course sets a definite foundation regarding what it means to be a Christian and the importance of walking upright with Jesus. It is an important ministry work that I believe to be ordained and put in place by Jesus for the advancement for His kingdom.

As an evangelist I am called to declare the gospel of Jesus Christ. I plan to teach the people and as well as preach to them. Preaching brings you out of the world, but teaching brings the world out of you. My ministry will be used to bring revival to my community and then throughout the state of Mississippi. With the assistance of Christian Leader’s Institute’s free Christian education, I plan to set up Ministry Mentoring Centers throughout the state. The people need this type of foundation in Christian education. So many people will benefit from this. CLI has opened my mind and eyes to a whole new world of bible school. Distance learning is so vital in today’s society.

In Jesus’ name I thank CLI with all my heart. GOD has truly taken the excuse out of being a untrained Christian. Thank you for the quality Christian education. I encourage my alumni’s to continue supporting CLI financially. I also encourage others to support CLI. Please pray for revival to my home community.


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