Evangelist In The Making For Future Panama Revival

My name is Jeremy Williams, I am from the United States. I am a Christian faith author and chef. I live for Christ, I am blessed that the United States has freedom of religion, and because of that I have been more open about spreading the gospel of grace. For the past 8 years I have been reaching out to people through small group leadership, youth ministry, church summer camps, and bible studies.

My journey with Christ started when I was 16. Up to that point of my teenage life, I had been involved in a lot of negative situations, dealt with a lot of difficult situations as a child, and I lived a very destructive lifestyle as a teenager. I felt the prompting of the Holy spirit and believe Jesus was calling me. After that I began seeking Christ and learning more about being a Christian. I was baptized and openly confessed Christ when I was 18.

I believe the Lord has called me for ministry and has placed in my heart a desire to relocate to Panama and start a grace ministry. My wife supports this dream, as does my church and family. We believe we can passionately take all of Panama, even Central America for the Lord, not that there aren’t ministries and missions working diligently there, but that we will go and help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and the grace he has given. My heart is torn between two cities, Panama City and Ciudad de Colon. Panama City is a bustling metropolitan that is ever growing, while Ciudad de Colon is wasting away. I believe through my ministry the city of Colon will experience a shift. What happened in the past 100 years that caused the city to fall, God will reverse in half the time and bring beauty out of the ashes. I also believe that Panama City will experience a ripple effect and the people of the city will draw closer together and help support the growth and revitalization of Ciudad de Colon. My wife and I have a desire to plant a church in Panama City, be an evangelist of the gospel of grace, and build an army of ambassadors for Christ that will touch all parts of Panama and Central America. We also want to plant an extension of the church in Ciudad de Colon, where we will have missions, an art education center, possibly a school, and a local church.

I mainly identify with the words Pastor and evangelist the most because I believe wholeheartedly that God, through His Ruach HaKodesh, has given me inexhaustible wisdom to lead people to life and given me an understanding of His Word and a passion for the lost. And I long to reach those people who are lost, hungry, sick, dying, hurting, and longing.

I would have to say, honestly, I believe the call to minister was on my life from my childhood days. However, I believe the true moment was probably when my father passed away, it changed something in me. I watched my father deteriorate in his health, and I was there when he died, and I remember reading to him passages for God’s Holy Word. And having to take that step was intense, but we were assured before he passed away that he received Christ, which he did. I don’t want anyone leaving this earth before accepting Christ into their life, and hopefully we can intercept a lot of people before they get to that point in their life where they’re about to pass on.

I don’t know the challenges that we will face in Panama, I do know that the gospel of grace is being attacked on every corner, but it prevails in every way because it is the power of the new covenant. In America, we still deal with traditional beliefs about religion versus relationship. Where some people believe they can fall out of grace with God. And if that is believed in America, a country 73% Christian, then what about the rest of the world? I believe Christianity is a relationship and that grace is the heart of that relationship.

My local church has allowed me to get involved with the youth ministry here. They also support my plans to relocate to Panama. The pastor is excited about helping my wife and I to plant a grace church in Panama. So we’re excited to work alongside of him. He wants to equip us with the knowledge and resources that will help us to lead people to Christ in Panama.

I will always have the support of my friends and family, whether financially or spiritually.

CLI’s evangelist training  is important to me because it will allow me to gain more education in biblical studies and equip me to be an effectual leader for Christ. I recently left from culinary school with debt looming over my shoulder, having to focus on that and save money to make a move to Panama feasible, it’s hard to have anything left to go back to a biblical study school. This will allow me to receive the evangelist training and education I need to live out the dream God has placed in my heart.

 Evangelist Training With CLI

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