Canada Ministry Dream

Canada Ministry Dream

My name is Kidane Araya and I have a Canada ministry dream. I’m originally from Eritrea. I moved to several countries looking for a better life and that journey took me to Canada, where I currently live. I have been in Canada for over 13 years now. Since that time, I have been a proud member of a local Eritrean church. I have always been a Christian but I didn’t come to know Jesus personally and become born again until later on in life.

Growing up, I was born into a Christian family. I knew about God but did not really think much about it until I moved out on my own. Life was tough for me growing up. My family lived out on the farms way out of the town. There was not much opportunity for me there so, at a young age, I decided to move out on my own. I went to live in one of the big cities in my country. After going to school and working there for several years, I went back to my hometown and got married. After we had our first child, I started to think about the future and what world I would be raising my kids in. With this in mind, I moved from place to place trying to pave a path for my family to join me later. It was during this journey that I come to know God personally.

The journey from my home country to Saudi Arabia to Israel to Germany then finally to Canada was very tough. We had to surpass a lot of challenges to get to this point, and I know that God has given me the strength to keep going. Time and time again I have looked to God for guidance and strength and He always delivers. I have been blessed in my life to reach where I am today. I know that I am here not by my own strength but by God’s strength alone.

Since 2009, I have been serving the Lord as a Deacon of the church. I’m now an Elder and am part of the board of directors for the church. My hope is to give the next generation the guidance and knowledge they need to live Christ-centered lives. My Canada ministry dream and passion is to help my fellow community members as well as the next generation.

What I’m looking for from Christian Leaders Institute is to learn more, improve myself, and to continue in my walk with God. Attending school is very difficult for me as I work odd hours of the day. My business consumes most of my time and for several years I didn’t think it was an option for me to get a formal education as I was too busy with work and family. The Christian Leaders Institute, with its online courses, makes it possible for me to pursue my passion and fit it into my schedule. I feel as though there are many things that God has in store for our church and our community. I am motivated to continue serving the Lord, growing in Christ and improving myself.

Check out Christian Leaders Alliance for information on Ordination.

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