Biblical minister training

My name is Jesse Marie Rugh. Currently, I am getting online biblical minister training at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here). I live in Farmington, Missouri, USA, with my husband, Adam, and three of our four children. Our children are ages 16-20 and working their way out of our home.

My Great Grandmothers’ Prayers

I grew up in Arkansas in small nondenominational churches and many basement/home Bible studies. My father is in the ministry. My grandmother and great-grandmothers were in the ministry. Further, my great-great grandma Granger (my mother’s great-grandmother) wrote in her Last Will and Testament that all of her offspring would know and serve God. She was a missionary and did some amazing things in her life. I had such a strong love and faith as a young child.

However, like many, something happened to cause me to be angry towards God. I was 17 when I turned in another direction after being assaulted. It was the beginning of what I call my “dark decade.” In that decade, I sought every solution for my pain except God.

Then one day, I had enough of trying to pick up the pieces of my life by myself. Maybe it’s that I felt the prayers that my great-grandmothers’ prayed over my life many years ago. So, I asked my mom if she’d go to church with me, and she agreed. My life was a mess. I was afraid to go to church alone. I thought everyone could see my shame dripping off my skin, at least, that’s how I felt. However, that church and those loving people offered me love like Jesus. That was the start of my return to Him.

My First Calling

I went to nursing school and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Soon, I began working as a psychiatric nurse, which I’ve now been doing for eight years. I have had the privilege of caring for many people who suffered similar traumas to me and coped with those traumas in similar ways. So, I used my experiences to provide compassionate empathetic care to them. I thought that was my only calling. However, working 60-hour weeks and having no time for church or my family could not be God’s only plan for me. I felt the pull to draw closer to Him and stop living to work.

My Second Calling and Biblical Minister Training at CLI

I’m not sure exactly where my call to ministry will take me. However, I know it’s time for me to work towards HIS purpose for my life and to no longer try to find MY own fallible purpose. I believe He will use the redemption and overcoming in my past to minister to others who are hurting.

Searching for Biblical minister training online, I found the Christian Leaders Institute. I chose Christian Leaders Institute Training because I crave a deeper understanding, connection, and purpose in ministry.

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