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My Calling: Ministry for Broken or New Marriages

My name is Blake Spurling. God has called me to minister to couples dealing with broken marriages or new couples trying to find their way. I am at the Christian Leaders Institute for biblical marriage ministry courses (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here).

My Testimony

I live in Middle, Georgia, in the United States. I grew up in a Christian home. My childhood was filled with the joys of growing up. I was the younger brother of a family of four. My parents ensured we had everything we wanted, even if that meant sacrificing their happiness. Although my dad didn’t go often, my mom took us to church on Sunday. This led me to live a close walk with God. When I was 11, the Spirit moved me during Vacation Bible School. I accepted Jesus that day as my Savior.

As all the joy and happiness of salvation came, the temptations of the world jumped into my young mind. I was a pretty good baseball player at this time. Selfish and arrogant, I put all of my focus on baseball and started failing in school. Up until this point, I was always an honor roll student. Disappointed in my actions, my parents eventually had me give up baseball.


I became somewhat rebellious in the next few years. Sixth grade taught me much about life and how people are hateful. I experienced bullying throughout the entire course of that year. The teachers would not listen to me when I asked for help. Frustrated with school, I lied to my parents about being sick, so I wouldn’t have to go. Eventually, my mom caught on. The look she had in her eyes when I finally told the truth was oddly similar to when I got in trouble. However, I knew she wasn’t mad at me. We went to school that day, and the problem was solved.

Although the situation was rectified, the hurt and trauma were still there. So I looked for friendships and came up empty. I was like on an island alone. The few friends I did have, I was very cautious over. This pattern continued most of my tenure in school up until I graduated.

My Marriage and My Struggles

After graduation, I dated my soon-to-be wife. We began dating in August and were engaged by November of the same year. So many people said some hateful things about us, “story of my life,” as they thought we were moving too fast. People failed to realize she was one of my few friends since the 8th grade. We survived some of the turmoil and moved on with our lives. On August 31, 2013, we said I do in a church surrounded by all the people we love.

Sadly, I was a terrible husband, I needed some biblical marriage ministry courses to help me. Everything we did before marriage felt nonexistent to me. I suddenly believed the people that said we wouldn’t last. Eventually, I told my wife in 2016 that I wanted a divorce as I was tired of coexisting. I blamed her for my problems and just wanted to be done. She took the blame for all my concerns, and somehow by the grace of God, she convinced me to stay. A few short days later, we found out we were expecting our first child.

One thing I did not do even after our child arrived was change. I was still not a great husband and an even worse father. My main goal at this point in my life was to be successful. I convinced myself that one day my family would look back at all I had achieved, and they wouldn’t care that I was not there. Instead, they would be proud of my achievements. What reassured me was that people told me that my marriage was perfect and we looked so happy. I was painting the picture I had planned, and people believed it.

Challenges and Changes

A second child was coming, and my wife had a full load. If I thought I was nonexistent before, I was then. So I took a position in a different state and left my pregnant wife and child at home. My wife wanted me to be happy and live my dream, so she allowed me to go. I would leave on Monday and come home on Friday.

One night in a hotel room, God started working on me. I felt super emotional as thoughts flooded my mind of how miserable I was. Finally, I knelt and asked God to help me and show me what to do. Things started changing after that. My life had some setbacks that ultimately led to God’s plan for my life.

When Covid hit in 2020, I was laid off from what I thought was my dream job. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. I spent the next two months with my family every day. I began catching up on lost time. Eventually, I returned to that job after my wife gave birth to our second child. He came without instructions. He had several issues with his health that we had to work through. I knew that I could not continue this work journey any further.

New Direction

After a health scare with our youngest, it was time to settle down with my family again. I took a job close to home and ended my “dream” job. I became depressed since I had to let my dreams go. Sadly, I did not give much support to my wife. It became so bad that there was little communication when I got off from work. I would walk in, go to my den, and play games or watch tv alone. I was alone in my misery.

This started the newfound journey of wanting to be a hunter, something I could do alone. I started from scratch. I took the hunter’s safety test and purchased licenses. My older brother taught me the basics of hunting with his rifle, and the next time out, I went alone. That day November 17, 2022, Jesus came into my life. As I sat there and wept over my life, the person I was, the husband and father that I wasn’t. He led me to a scripture that told me it was okay. “And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast” (1 Peter 5:10).

Biblical Marriage Ministry Courses at CLI

I told my wife about everything that day and asked her for forgiveness. We worked out our broken relationship. I felt the calling to restore my marriage and help others who might think there is no other way to salvage theirs. This led me to the Christian Leaders Institute for biblical marriage ministry courses as I answered my calling to help struggling marriages.

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