Marriage Ministry Calling

Hello, I am Terri Armstrong from the United States of America. My marriage ministry calling from God has led me to the Christian Leaders Institute for ministry and biblical training online.

My Spiritual Journey

Here is the story of my spiritual adventure. After traveling the world and living in many states in the USA, I live on the beautiful east coast of Florida. I am an Army brat and an Army Veteran and lived in more than 40+ places worldwide.

On a beautiful, crisp winter’s day in Anchorage, Alaska, I gave my life to Jesus at six. My mother and father were in the choir that day, singing “Just As I Am.” I marched down the aisle and accepted Jesus as my savior.

My Youth

Through most of our Army adventures, I faithfully attended church and talked with Jesus regularly. However, although I was present at church, I didn’t allow God to be present outside of the church. I wanted to do things my way through my teens and twenties. Therefore, I missed a lot of church services and wasn’t in Christian service to others until my 29th year.

My Reawakening

A month before my 30th birthday, the doctor told me I had breast cancer. It felt like I’d been given a death sentence and that I needed to quickly get my life in order. The first thing I did was pray from the bottom of my soul. I prayed for God’s guidance and Jesus’ protection. After repenting, I prayed that whatever time I had left, God would allow me to serve Him. I asked for God’s forgiveness and gave it freely to anyone and everyone I’d ever known. The breast cancer saga included 14 surgeries, chemotherapy, and rehab work on my right arm. The joy of breast cancer is it revealed what is important, and that God still loved me. I surrendered to Jesus Christ again. Six months later, I was pronounced ‘Clear of all Cancer.”

My Spiritual Walk and Stumbles

Not long after I was given the all-clear, I married my boyfriend, who stood by me during all the turmoil of cancer. Against all odds, due to chemotherapy, God blessed us with a child six years later. Six years later, we divorced. I became a single mom to a six-year-old. I had a full-time job, lots of work requiring travel, and no support system. Sadly, I had again stopped attending church and was bitter about organized religion. The truth is that I left the church before my marriage failed, not the other way around.

Years passed, and I became involved with a group of very spiritual people who believed in Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God the Father. They brought me back to my faith by sharing their faith with me daily. As a result, I met and married a wonderful man who loved me, my child, and God.

My Husband’s Untimely Death Leads to My Spiritual Evolution

My second husband, of 13 years, passed unexpectedly in the summer of 2020 due to a heart condition. I will skip all the details of his death because, most days, I don’t want to relive it. However, something amazing happened when he passed away. I first prayed to God to take him home and for Jesus to reunite him with his mother and my parents. Then, I leaned heavily on my church family and my neighbors during the year of his death. I don’t remember many things from the year he died except the kindness and generosity of my friends, family, and neighbors to help me through all the struggles a new widow faces. I felt God’s love in every conversation, meal, and phone call!

My husband’s untimely death was God calling him home. I wanted to blame the devil for his death but couldn’t wallow in self-pity. The devil may have tried to destroy me with my husband’s death, but it had the opposite effect. So, I ran straight to God.

My Spiritual Awakening Defined

Someone asked me, “Did you have a relationship with God before your husband died?” The unequivocal answer is, “Yes, God was always with me. When I cried, He comforted He showed me my next step. I always feel His loving presence and know my husband is safe in His arms.”

I call it my spiritual awakening because I am still training for what God has called me to do in this life.

New Blessings and My Calling

God has blessed me in ways too numerous to count, but I’ll list a few here.
1. I am a 29-year breast cancer survivor (2023).
2. I am the mother of a beautiful human who loves God.
3. I am financially solvent and have retired from my software career.
4. I am a member of a fantastic church that has welcomed me into their family with open arms.
5. I am healthy, happy, spiritually connected, and ready to serve others in my ministry.

Marriage Ministry Calling Leads to a Study at CLI

This year, I realized my calling is in Marriage Ministry and faith-based counseling. I have had two marriages. Both taught me different things that I could share with people who are looking for Christian Counseling in their marriage or pre-marriage.

I am thankful for the visionaries at the Christian Leaders Institute who have developed their generosity-driven education model. Therefore, people called into ministry can study free of massive costs associated with quality education.

With my future in this marriage ministry calling from God, I know it will be better than anything I imagine. As I learn more about God’s Word and ministry, I pray that my understanding will increase and reflect in every part of my life.

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