Biblical Knowledge – My name is Whitney Woodall, I am 27 years, and originally hale from Carlisle, PA, currently I am a resident of Atlanta, GA. I am not married and have no Biblical knowledgechildren to call my own, YET! I am a newly licensed minister at Hopewell Northeast under the co-pastorship of Pastor Gerard and Pastor Veta Blanding. I was called into ministry at the early age of eleven. Like most I was hesitant, unsure that I had heard the Lord correctly, and had many doubts and fears. In an effort to escape the call, I attended undergraduate at Ursinus College located in Collegeville, PA, I received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. In August 2009, I moved to Atlanta to continue pursuing my education at Argosy University. I completed my Masters in Clinical Psychology in November 2012. In addition I enrolled in the Marriage and Family Certification Program at Argosy, which I completed in August 2013. All of which was still to no avail. I could still hear the Lord calling me in a totally different direction.

In October 2013 I took a leap of faith and left my position as a Community Clinician at Northside Psychological Services to pursue ministerial duties full time. Currently I am an active minister at Hopewell Northeast. I am apart of the CONNECT Ministry (our Christian Education Department) and serve as one of the Young Adult leaders. I also take part in teaching and imparting Biblical knowledge into the hearts and minds of our high school student population. My heart’s desire is to serve God with sincerity and diligence. My ultimate ministry goal is to maximize and use all my spiritual gifts to bring glory to God and win souls for His Kingdom. I pray to one day be able to travel throughout the world, teaching, preaching, and encouraging through the gospel. In addition, I would love to train and prepare others to be followers and eventually disciples of Jesus Christ. I am young (the youngest on our ministerial staff at church), but I have confidence in knowing that I have been called and chosen by God.

Christian Leader’s Institute is truly a blessing and a prayer answered. My desire is to attend a doctoral program in the near future, but currently my financial situation does not permit such an endeavor. I believe that in due season and time God will provide, but until then I am so grateful for programs like CLI. I ask that you all continue to pray that my steps will be ordered and ordained by the Lord. Pray that I will be obedient to and stay in His will. Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to posting and talking/blogging about my life’s journey while here at CLI.

Start a Mentor Centers to Impart Biblical Knowledge

Christian Leaders Institute encourages Christian Leaders to start a mentor center where they can impart Biblical knowledge to young people and hold them accountable. This is how a mentor center works. Serious for God minded young people would meeting to be held accountable for their online studies at Christian Leaders Institute. Not only would they receive Biblical knowledge online, but would also meet to process their insights. A mentor center can be started by a graduate of the Christian Leaders Basics Certificate. The first Christian Leaders Basic Certificate would teach the basic Biblical knowledge needed to stand your ground in this world.

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