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I love reading the Bible and studying God’s Word. I felt God was wanting me to learn more but I could not afford the big name Bible colleges. I tried to take a class last fall and it really was too much financial strain on the family. I looked up free Bible college on the internet and Christian Leaders Institute came up. I believe this could help me be a better shepherd, as a bi vocational pastor, to lead the flock that God has trusted me with. I love the Lord and want to see souls saved and changed for the kingdom of God and to give Him all the glory!

My name is Michael Woodrum. I am forty-one years old and I live in Campbellsville, Kentucky. I have a full time job and am a bi vocational pastor. I am married to my wonderful wife, Marsha of 22 years. We are blessed with 2 children. Kelsey who is 16 and Blake who is 13. We also had one child, Brandon who went to be with the Lord at 5 days old. I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior when I was 27 years old. I was not raised in a church or in a Christian home. After being married for 5 years, my wife and I were not happy and going through a divorce. I had nowhere else to turn and went to a small country church. The Lord convicted me of my sins. I made my way to the altar, gave my heart to the Lord, and he saved me. He gave me my wife back and gave me life and hope.

About 5 months after receiving Jesus I had a serious accident; a horse threw me off. I had some superficial injuries however he kicked my ear off. I went through several surgeries near home and made several trips to Atlanta (six hours away) to have a new ear constructed. I have an ear it’s not like the original that God gave me though. I look back now and could see that I was not in the center of God’s will. At that time God was merciful to me, I could have been killed very easily.

Sometime later, God called me to preach but I ran from the calling for about 4 years. I was still very active in church. I never missed anything, but I finally surrendered to preach on August 22, 2006. I began to preach filling in at churches, at the nursing homes and jail. I went wherever I was called. Although throughout our journey, my wife and I thought were heading toward the mission field and could never picture ourselves stationary pastoring a church as a bi vocational pastor, but that is exactly where God put us. Having learned this lesson the hard way previously, I try my best to stay in God’s will and go where He leads.

We have been at our first pastorate for almost 2 years now. The church is growing and we have seen good things this year; salvations, re-dedications, people joining the church. We have someone new visiting the church at least a couple times a month. We are a small Southern Baptist Church which usually has around 50 on Sunday mornings. Although, like most we drop near half on Sunday night and even less on Wednesday. We are trying to work with the youth through the week in special mission studies. It has definitely been a change, and an eye opener.

Bi Vocational Training Enrollment

To begin your ministry training with Christian Leaders Institute, click here! We provide our training online so it is available to people all throughout the world without having to relocate. Our classes are given to all students for free with an option to donate. Either way, you are still provided with high quality materials to prepare you in the ministry field as a bi vocational pastor! Even if bi vocational pastor is not the area of ministry you are looking to get into, our classes still properly prepare you for any area in ministry.

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