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Even though I had a lot of personal issues growing up, I always seemed to be concerned with the welfare of people around me. I was tentative to their emotional, social, and eventually spiritual growth and I would often reach out to people and minister to them. Today I am a Lay Minister, at CRCG ministries in Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn. I work with my senior pastor and staff. Working with the members of the church is tedious work. It takes a lot of time, patience, and the love of Christ to work effectively for the members as well as the visitors in our community. In closing, I realized that God has allowed me and guided me through the phases of my life to strengthen, empower, and to equip me for Pastoral Ministry. God has called me to claim the lost sheep of Israel. Honestly this task is a task not for the faint of heart and I know if God be for me who can be against me! Today I am glad to learn through Christian Leaders Institute in their free tuition program. This is something I’ve been searching for some time now. I plan to support this ministry as I continue my courses.

My name is Donslow Brown. I am a resident of New York City. When I look back at my life (Now being 26 years old) I can honestly say I’ve been through a lot of personal struggles. Some were even emotional and spiritual. To people, I was either a ticking time bomb or damaged goods, not ever looking into the real me (as if I’d even let them). I was an enigma even to myself at times. Friends (and the ones I would acquire along the way) knew I had baggage but just didn’t know how to deal with me.

During my teenage years, I was known by some of my peers as Mr. Emotional. Everything seemed to either bother me or worried me. I needed help and even though I was attending a Haitian American church on a weekly basis, I knew of the God that was preached in a ritualistic/religious way but never had I realized the opportunity of being in a relationship with Him. I decided to take the Lord more seriously. I began praying more. I threw away CD’s and other worldly music. I attended more youth functions in my church and slowly God began peeling away at the tough shell I put up and He began to show me times in the past where old friends or teachers would tell me powerful things such as: “You’re going to change the world some day” or “You look like you can be a pastor.” He even showed me a time when I was in elementary and I was ministering to a young man about Jesus, and praying every night before bed. I’d realized that God was using me.

But as a teenager I had no intention of being a pastor, let alone in pastoral ministry of any kind. So I continued my walk with God into my 20’s and God started to speak to me about faith and how powerful it is. He spoke to me through preachers, scripture, and real life scenarios. I exercised my faith as the Bible states and I was baptized in the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues, and realizing a portion of God’s power in my life. Looking back I realize even now that God has always granted me a big imagination as well as big dreams. Dreams that were bigger than the $1.50 in my pocket. I thank God that He was growing my faith because if He hadn’t, I wouldn’t be on the path I’m on now seeking a diploma in pastoral ministry.


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