Abused Children Ministry

Abused Children Ministry

My name is Joy and I am called as a chaplain with an abused children ministry. I’m a 28-year-old stay-at-home mom of two beautiful daughters and a wife to a wonderful husband.

My mother always sent me and my siblings to church. But due to over a decade of sexual abuse at the hands of my stepfather and some wrongs done to me by the church, I strayed away. My biological father abandoned me shortly after my first birthday. My mother even blamed me for the molestation I endured, mentally abused me for years over it, and ensured I had no contact with any other relatives. For many years, I felt like unwanted garbage. I had no sense of family and had totally lost my faith.

I ran away from home at the age of 17 when I just couldn’t take the abuse anymore. I was also being bullied by neighbors and classmates. I very much consider this the same type of wandering in the desert that Moses did. I suffered two miscarriages, became wrapped up in worldly problems, and was angry with God for many years. I have been diagnosed with PTSD which makes it almost impossible to function in basic routines. I used to fear to leave my home or to even simply walk outside to grab the mail. I’ve been to several psychiatrists and have tried every medication you can think of which all made my symptoms worse. So I gave up on seeking medical care. The enemy had me under the belief that I would surely die and that my life was meaningless. In a night of panic, I decided to call upon Jesus and received prayer from a chaplain even though I believed the Lord had given up on me. However, I felt the Holy Spirit taking away all my discomforts as I prayed.

I used to wallow and feel sorry for myself. But I now feel deep in my heart that the Lord allows us to go through these things so we can use them as tools to help others dealing with similar issues. I also believe the grace of God enabled me to survive the whole ordeal. I now feel God has called me to be a chaplain and advocate working with an abused children ministry. There is still much ignorance in identifying the signs and symptoms of a child suffering abuse. There’s still far too many slipping through the cracks. Many never see the justice and genuine compassion they so greatly deserve. I intend to change that with the help of Jesus.

I am still currently studying the first program at Christian Leaders Institute. After I earn my scholarship, I will go for either the Associates or Bachelors degree program utilizing the chaplain courses as well. I currently volunteer as a mentor for abused children at Marygrove Crisis Center. I hope to eventually open a crisis center of my own which would provide shelter, legal counsel, medical services, and counseling. I have total faith in God that, if this is my call, He will make a way for it to happen.

In closing, I would just like to send my love and respect for all my brothers and sisters in Christ who are students, teachers, pastors, etc. I would also like to thank CLI for giving me a chance to take my life back and serve God.

Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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