Women Ministry Ordination

Women Ministry Ordination

Christian Leaders Deacon Minister Ordination and Women Ministry Ordination! Thank you, Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance for making it all possible!

My name is Bernice Landman from South Africa. My country is flourishing with the spreading of the gospel. Christians continue faithfully to spread the gospel to the rural areas in Africa. Unfortunately, we have many cultures and beliefs due to our many nations who dwell here, so the path is a hard one. But many are receiving the Lord with praise and joy.

I was blessed to be raised in a Christian family. I attended church and got baptized at a young age. Unfortunately, Satan and, of course, my human desires led me down a hard path. But, because of God’s great and constant love, I have been forgiven. I have been tried and failed but always had the hand of God to help me up again. I’ve always had this deep love for God. I must admit that I have fought, turned my back on, and questioned the Lord many times. I learned that I cannot live without Him. He has given me more understanding, patience, forgiveness, and mercy. My love for God has grown beyond what I ever dreamed of.

To reconcile God’s children to him and bring God praise and joy, that is what I feel called to do. I feel that God’s sorrows are great as he looks upon his children to see that they don’t care about him, don’t know him and even mock him when he loves them so much. God is love.

I am blessed with a wonderful Christian husband. I am barren but God blessed us with a wonderful son. We adopted Tashmain when he was one and a half months old. He knows and loves our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. As I did this course at Christian Leaders Institute as well as all the other courses that I have taken so far, I have constantly shared my knowledge with them and it has been a wonderful and enlightening experience.

Our son, who is now eighteen, announced at a family gathering recently that he would like to go into ministry through the help of CLI’s excellent education program. What a mother’s joy to hear the love and dedication he has for our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit! I pray that more mothers will hear the precious words, “I want to dedicate my life to God and his ministry.”

I am grateful to Christian Leaders Institute for making these online studies available, and for free! What a wonderful gift they are giving to all those who are wanting to do the work of God and need education to fully understand with accuracy the Bible. Your layout is brilliant; it’s easy and well presented.

From the day I started, I have drawn closer to Jesus. I have started to pray more and learned so much. I would like to thank you for your gift and the Women Ministry Ordination. I pray that many will donate to your institute to enable it to continue to bless God’s work on earth.

Pray that my ears will hear the Lord’s voice clearly, that my mind can grasp and understand what He teaches me, that God may grant me wisdom and insight on how to help His children and the grace to love and bless as He would like me to do.

Learn about local ecuministry ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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