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Sermon by Chaplain A. L. Haynes

Dear Abby,

Here is a message I presented at God’s Helping Hand Family Center in Cedar Crossing, Ga. on October 22, 2016. I hope you are blessed by it.

Old Testament Reading: read by volunteer

Deuteronomy 18: 9-13.

New Testament Reading: read by volunteer

1 Corinthians 6: 9-11.

Pastor Ricky Wood :

Welcome to our service today. I see that some of the regulars are not with us but Praise God anyway. Our guest speaker today is an ex-warlock, ex-convict, and now an ordained minister with an uncommon testimony. Please welcome our guest, Reverend Anthony Haynes.


God is good, Amen.  Amen, Bless God, Praise the Lord. You know America has it backwards instead of asking God to bless America, America needs to learn to Bless and Praise God. Glory to God.

We read our Bible but do we really know what we are reading? Today I will share my testimony and challenge you to not just read the Word, but study the Word for yourselves. When it comes to God instruction manual for you, the Bible, don’t take my word for it, don’t take Pastor Ricky’s or Pastor Fred’s word for it, don’t take Sister in the Pew Next to You’s word for it and don’t take Brother What Can I Do for You’s word for it. Look it up for yourself, we are all human and fallible, only Jesus Christ ever lived without error. Amen.

I think that our readings of the Word today should have your attention and not leave much room for me to be judged. Often times I read a passage of scripture and wonder, just what does that mean? In Deuteronomy 18: 10 we read ” to make your son or daughter to pass through the fire”. This is human sacrifices made to Molech and other pagan gods. This was done on the Winter Solstice modern day Christmas. The first born child in the house would be put in the mouth of the brazen calf, a hollow statue of a cow that had a fire lit under it’s belly. Now here’s the truth about this practice. The toddlers, not infants as many believe, that was sacrificed was ages 3-5 years old and alive when placed in the mouth of the statue. After the sacrifice of the first born to Molech or whatever deity a tree would be cut and placed in the house every year after on the Winter Solstice and after the tree was adorned with gold and silver, a doll fashioned after a boy or girl depending on the child that had been sacrificed would be placed under the tree. Sounds a lot like a modern day Christmas tree to me. There is an Old Testament passage that tells us not to cut down a tree a bring it into our house. I’m not going to tell you where it is or why it tells us that because I want you to look it up for yourself.

Now I don’t find this to be much different than abortion today. Except for the fact that these babies are being killed in what should be the safest place for them, the mother’s womb. A soul is born at the time of conception, even before the first heartbeat can be found. The Word of God tells us not to fear one that can destroy a life, but to fear the One that can destroy both, life and soul.

Now before we get to far from where I want to take you today, Praise God. Witchcraft can be used to describe a little or a lot of sin. Typically witchcraft is the practice of magic or sorcery. However this also includes psychics, palm readers, horoscopes, conjuring spells, talking to the dead, Ouija boards, tarot cards, even fornication is a form of witchcraft and the list goes on and on.

How many of you have read your horoscope in the paper or had sex outside of the boundaries of marriage. Please don’t raise your hands. If you are guilty then you too are guilty of witchcraft. I am not here to judge you but I do ask that you don’t judge me before you know my story.

By the time I was 12, I was drinking and practicing witchcraft. I will not go into much detail concerning this part of my life because of adverse effects that can happen. For now let us just leave my life in the occult as, I can honestly say that I have forgotten more about the occult since I have been saved than most people ever learn. At one time in my life I could call on over a hundred demons by name and knew what each one did. Praise God I have trouble remembering names now, even people’s names.

I was abused by my mom and step dad in several ways. If they had a bad day at work it was my fault and I got beat. I was always told that I would never be anybody or amount to anything, that I was worthless. The abuse stopped the day that I snapped an drew a gun on my step dad and wouldn’t back down when he pulled his pistol back on me. I left home shortly afterwards and become homeless sleeping in the woods and in city parks. By the time I was 17 I was an alcoholic, had started smoking and was a high priest in witchcraft, practicing white and black magic. When I was 18 I enlisted, when the recruiter asked me about my religious beliefs, I was informed quickly that I was protestant because I had to be Catholic or Protestant to join the service. In 1990 I was arrested and charged with 15 felonies with an escape charge soon to follow that had me facing a possible 110 years in prison. After I let the Lord Jesus Christ find me, for it was me that was lost not Him, and going through all the public defenders in the county, I was sentenced to 8 years. 4+4+7 with a mandatory 2 years to serve before I could get a parole hearing with the other charges being dismissed. After being processed through a maximum security prison then transferred to a minimum security prison, I stayed in R&O for longer than expected. Once released into population I got involved with the Chapel program. I found out a few days after being in the dorm that the reason the prison had been on lockdown was the guy that was in the bunk I got had come up missing and had been found in the sewage, cut into pieces and flushed. Prison is not the Ritz by any means. I was called into ministry later in the year and became an ordained deacon minister in 1991 as part of my internship with the AME Pastor. During which time I was also mentored by the Assembly of God Chaplain, a Baptist Chaplain and two Baptist Missionaries. I served in the inmate choir and lead Bible studies in the yard and dorm. Now pay attention to the Grace of God here. In February of 1992 I was released 3 months past my outdate, with 23 months served incarcerated. Praise God, Bless You Jesus. Did you get it? I saw the parole board in November 1991 and was released after completing my internship, the judge had said 2 years before I could be considered for a parole hearing. Glory Hallelujah, what a Mighty God I serve. It took Jail for God to get my attention. The Bible tells us that God will not wrestle with the flesh forever. I received my last call, don’t wait for God to call you again because it might not happen. I want to change direction here, we all have to make decisions at crossroads in our lives. Pastor Fred will you please help me preach by reading the Word of God for me. Praise the Lord.

Pastor Fred Crabtree:

Reads Isa. 35:8-10.


Thank you, Brother Fred

What is this road? It’s the ” King’s Highway “! It spans all the chasms of human wretchedness. It tunnels through all the mountains of earthly difficulty. It’s wide enough and strong enough to hold the entire human race, should they choose to travel that way.

It was blasted out by the Rock of Ages and cemented with the Blood of the Lamb. It was built with the shouting of Angels, while the demons trembled in fear. The God of Creation sent the King, His Son, to build this road. He put His head, hand and heart to it and after the road was completed, He waved His blistered hands over the way crying, ” It is Finished!! “.

  1. It’s a Clean Highway:

No Litter- It’s the Highway of Holiness.

No road raged foul mouths.

No tobacco wads or spit to sidestep.

No pornographic billboards.

No signs telling you “abortion is right”.

Many will travel It that used to participate in the things we have talked about, but they were saved from their sins and chose to travel this road.

  1. It’s a Plain Highway:

You can’t miss it if you only look for It. An idiot only has to knock once at the Gates of Heaven and They swing open wide. It’s a PLAIN HIGHWAY. Even a child can find It, anyone who searches for it can too.

  1. It’s a Safe Highway:

On ancient highways travelers would think they were safe, not knowing if a lion was waiting to spring upon them. Isa. 35:9 ” no lion shall be there, nor any ravenous beast shall go thereon “. It’s a SAFE HIGHWAY. Many people have had some serious incidents on Life’s Highway. Drunk drivers, carjackers, murderers, rapists, abusers and the list is almost endless. This is a SAFE HIGHWAY.

  1. It’s a Pleasant Highway:

Is 35:9-10 ” … the redeemed shall walk there. And the ransomed of the Lord shall return and come to Zion. ”

When we take trips, we have a start point and a destination. This Highway is Pleasant because we know where we are going.

We know where we came from…. Bondage of sin. Came out of the Devil’s Territory. We are loosed from Satan’s chains. Guilt and condemnation are left behind. The old nature is buried. Praise the Lord.

We know where we came from and now we know where we are going!! That my friend makes for a pleasant trip. We are going to a pleasant place! There will not be no pain and suffering, or sorrows and tears on that Highway. There will be no need for wheelchairs, walkers and canes on that road. Are you ready for that trip on The HIGHWAY To HEAVEN ?

Do you believe in God? James 2:19- even the demons believe and tremble.

* Three types of Faith:

  1. Saving Faith: faith evidenced by works
  2. Dead Faith: faith without works

3 Demon Faith: non-obedient faith. They believe in God and chose not to obey Him.

Things that demons do:

  1. Formulate false doctrines to turn you away from God. An example is ” once saved always saved”. In Exodus 32 God told Moses ” whosoever sins against Me, I will remove their name from My Book “.
  2. They can perform miracles to deceive. Rev. 16:14.
  3. They can tempt you to sin. James 4
  4. They can inhabit people’s bodies and cause pain and distress. Even Christians can be possessed.
  5. They know Jesus. Mark 1:34
  6. Confess Jesus is the Son of God. Luke 4:41
  7. Confess Jesus to be the Holy One of God. Luke 4: 34, 35

Multitudes who profess to be Christians only have demon faith. They profess Jesus is Lord, but live in sin. These supposed carnal Christians are children of Satan. They are filled with lust, get drunk, commit adultery and fornication, lie, cuss, hate, support and participate in abortion, etc. They even think that it is normal Christian life. Even worse is most of them don’t even fear God, making their faith less than the demons.

Only a trusting, submitting and enduring faith in Jesus will get you on the King’s Highway, the Highway to Heaven. Will I see you there? Do you have Saving Faith ?

May the Lord greatly bless you,

Chaplain A. L. Haynes.

* All scripture is from the New King James Version, Thomas Nelson, Inc. © 1982

** This letter contains material that is the exclusive property of Haynes Ministries, and His Eternal Atoning Touch Ministries. I, Anthony Haynes, as founder and C.E.M. of both Ministries release to Ms. Abigail Reyenga the use of all materials provided to her, in all communications  for use at Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.

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