It’s a pleasure to be welcomed on this journey, proceeding forward with fellow disciples on the path of knowledge to better know the Lord. Like you, I am many great things to others. A daughter, student, librarian, sister, friend, and more. However, what I crave more than anything else is for my role as a Christian to shine through all that I am. When I was nine years old, I felt a tug on my heart, a pain that ached for the Lord’s salvation to overtake my life. While I said yes then and there, I’m convinced I didn’t know what the rough road held for me, this life as a “Christian.” And sure enough, the hard times came. Straying, I fumbled through life, grappling onto sin instead of what should have always been my Stronghold, Christ. It took me several years in my walk of Sanctification to make my way back from the murky depths (I use the selfish pronouns, “My” and, “Me” as though I had anything to do with my saving grace).

The ministry training graciously provided by the Christian Leaders Institute shall be used to develop a further relationship with my Lord, so that I may speak with confidence to others about Him whether it be my family, my coworkers, children of my own, or strangers that the Lord brings into my life. I have nary a doubt that the Lord will be able to use me anywhere He chooses, and that these classes shall expand and equip my mind.

Granting me a scholarship would give me invaluable information that won’t just be learned, but lived. This Institute ensures that everyday disciples are spiritually well-fed and exercised, prepping them for ministry in everyday life. I hope to be an ambassador of Christ, and this program would better establish my planted life in Christ, growing it, nurturing it, and pruning where needed. I am honored to be here and blessed already in my few baby steps as a learning Christian Leader.

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