My name is John Brooks. I currently live in the United States in Sitka Alaska. Sitka is located on Baranof Island in the Southeast “pan-handle” of Alaska. It is accessible by the Alaska Marine Highway (ferry) or the airlines. Until this past summer, we were only serviced by Alaska Airlines. But now in the summer months only, we have Delta airlines as well.

I was baptized when I was young in Cedar Grove Baptist Church in Florida where I grew up. A few years later I left the church. And for a very long time did not attend any church services. In October 2014 soon after meeting a new friend I was invited to attend church. I accepted this invitation. Soon I discovered what I had been missing and needed in my life. My friend and I decided to visit the United Pentecostal Church here in Sitka. I fell in love with the services of this church and could feel the Holy Spirits presence here. I developed a hunger for the word of God. Soon I was baptized again in the name of Jesus Christ.

My Pastor has been extremely supportive of me in my studies. And teaches me in bible study once a week. I attended a men’s study group with him and one other church member in April 2015, which was a very moving experience.

My dream is to be a teacher of the word of God to those who want it and desire it. It does not matter to me where I teach this word as long as that is what I can do. Thanks to Christian Leaders Institute I will be able to study and receive a degree in ministries that will open the door to be able to teach the word of God.

I ask that you pray for me for the strength, knowledge and courage to peruse my dream in the ministry. And to be able to become a teacher of the word of God.
John Brooks

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