Zimbabwe Bible School – The Bible school “Christian Leaders Institute” asks students to submit a final reflection paper at the end of some classes to help measure the effect of the class on the students. Bible school student Mazvita Tsonhai of Zimbabwe writes of Pastoral Care and Marriage, “I also learned that as a Pastor you are there to be the counselor of the people. Many people in the world are suffering and to an extent that some do suicide hence a good counseling should be offered through the help of the Holy Spirit… …The key area needed to be done is love. You need to love everyone showing them we are one regardless of sex, race, height, country or color. God is love. Be good listener and understand every gap generation in the church or world. Talk and Listening must not be done at the same time, but be a good listener before talking.” The importance of love when counseling people really struck Mazvita Tsonhai as he went through this Bible school class.Bible school

In addition to the class Pastoral Care and Marriage, Mazvita Tsonhai takes a moment to reflect on the Christian Leaders Institute Bible school as a whole. He says, “CLI gave me a new vision for my life. I got a new understanding in my life because of my training at CLI. By taking classes in CLI, I got more information about the Bible and Jesus Christ. My training with CLI has made me more serious, and is making me search Scriptures more and more. My understanding has increased.”

Zimbabwe Bible School Certificates at Christian Leaders Institute

Christian Leaders Institute has several Bible school certificates and diplomas that it offers. The first of these is the Christian Basics Certificate, which is obtained by every student who completes the introductory course Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate. In this course, students are introduced to the Bible school model offered at Christian Leaders Institute. They are also asked to introduce themselves to the staff. In his introductory letter, Mazvita Tsonhai says, “My ministry dream is believing that God has called me to preach His Word, proclaim freedom to those who are oppressed by demons, and to heal every sickness through Jesus Christ who strengthen us. My wish is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to every nation, regardless of sex, race, tribe, language or country.” By completing the Bible school course Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate, Zimbabwe Bible School Mazvita Tsonhai was enabled to enroll in further courses at Christian Leaders Institute. His Bible school experience is helping him achieve his ministry dream.

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