Youth Minister Training Dream

Youth Minister Training Dream

I am Lacey Sauvageau and I am following my youth minister training dream. I was born in the United States and currently live in the Pacific Northwest. I live where church attendance is relatively low, however, people are open to hearing about God. There are a lot of churches near where I live and they all strive to reach people and share about the loving and healing nature of God.

I came to know the Lord at a young age. I went to Sunday school and learned about the Bible. I spent my middle school years and the beginning of high school active in church volunteering in the children’s ministry and helping in church events. I walked away from the Lord for a couple years as I thought I could direct my own life. At the age of twenty-two, I realized the Lord needs to be the sole director in my life and I came back to the church.

Through my youth minister training dream, I would like to serve the youth and help lead them. I would like to make a difference in the youth and share the love of God and biblical truth. I am also interested in women’s ministry. My desire is for God to lead me and show me where I can best be used.

I have learned a lot in this first class at Christian Leaders Institute. I learned more about who God is. I learned more scriptural truths and reaffirmed the decision that I want to serve in the church in a substantial and tangible way directed by God.

Youth leader or small group leader is where I identify most. I feel a calling to minister to youth and help lead them. I want to be a mentor to youth, grounded in sharing biblical truths and scripture with them. In my work as a 9-1-1 dispatcher, I see the broken and hurting world and I want to help minister to the real needs of our youth, which is a spiritual connection to God.

I want to pursue ministry since returning to church after I was gone for two years. This time, I have a real and personal relationship with God. It is no longer selfish and one-sided. I understand the urgency and importance of a deep connection and personal relationship with God. If I can show other youth the reason(s) to avoid walking away from the church and to stay involved, I would feel accomplished in my ministry.

The challenges in the Pacific Northwest for ministering to youth is keeping them involved and interested in church. It is important to have an engaging, relevant ministry. Too many outside activities and interests have our youth’s attention.

The Bible is the important tool and resource for hearing from God. Scripture is where you learn the true nature of God. Through the Connection course, I read scripture I have never read. It showed me about God and how to connect to God in ways I have never thought of. Through reading the Bible, prayer, and taking this course, I am forming a closer relationship with God.

My local church actively helps to flourish member’s ministry gifts and calling. If you like helping and serving, there is community service work and events to serve in. We are always learning more about ourselves through small groups. There are opportunities to lead small groups. The pastors are here to talk with, encourage, and build up members to reach all the dreams God has placed in their heart.

My boyfriend is very supportive of my dreams and attends church with me. My sister and mother see my dreams and encourage me to go after them. My grandmother is an active and involved church member and offers spiritual advice and we talk about the Bible frequently.

Attending CLI is important as I work full-time and cannot attend traditional seminary school. I want to continue to work full-time and serve in the church part-time. I would like prayer for God’s will in my life and how I can best use my gifts to serve Him. Also that I will find ways to reach the youth in a relevant and engaging way through my youth minister training dream.

Learn about local ecuministry ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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