Training Christian Leaders

Training Christian Leaders

I’m excited to have come in contact with Christian Leaders Institute as I am training Christian leaders here. My name is David Musonda. I’m a Zambian residing in Pretoria the capital city of South Africa. I’m married with three children: one son and two daughters. We have been married for 28 years.

I was saved in 1981 and filled with the Holy Spirit three years later. I attended church at United Church of Zambia in Luanshya, where I served as a youth leader till 1987. Thereafter, due to doctrinal issues, especially on baptism in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues, we were asked to leave the denomination. This was a countrywide excise. We immediately mobilized ourselves and formed a youth ministry with the core purpose of keeping and guarding the youth against falling away from the faith. We called this movement “Youth Revival Ministries.” I was elected to lead this mission till 1990 when Grace Missions became a church.

My call to ministry came in 1985 in a night vision where our Lord appeared to me and gave me a mandate for the harvesting of souls for his kingdom. I got so excited and almost left school to pursue the vision but the full time only came in 1989, when I received an invitation to study for ministry in Botswana. By then I had just gotten married to Susan and a month later by January 1990, we were on the bus to Botswana. A step that has kept us on the mission field training Christian leaders since.

I graduated with a diploma in ministry under Faith Christian faith training school, founded by Dr. Buddy Harrison in conjunction with Bible Life Ministries in Botswana. We planted the second branch of Bible Life Ministries in 1991 and pastored it until 1994 when I felt the need to improve myself academically. In 1994, I enrolled as a foreign student with National Bible Institute, Oxenhill, Maryland, USA. I graduated the following year with a degree in ministry training. I felt the Lord lead me back to Africa, to South Africa. I went back to Botswana and served as dean of students until a way was opened to move to South Africa in 2000. Our mission to South Africa has been centered on training, church planting, and pastoral care. In 2005, we extended our mission to Malawi, which has proved to be more fulfilling. We currently oversee 27 churches in mainly the southern part of the country. We are experiencing phenomenal growth and hence the need to continue training Christian leaders is my focus.

Most of these churches are in remote parts of the southern district. We have a national local overseer who reports to me and he’s doing a great job. Every year, we hold a three-day conference and attendance keeps growing. A great number of salvation of souls are registered. In South Africa, we are serving under God’s Kingdom as pastors responsible for training.

We feel strongly to step up our commitment to Malawi by sourcing for funds to help put up church building structures in these villages.

Since 1994, I’ve not furthered my self in terms of studies except that I love reading Christian literature and this has helped. But the need to upgrade my qualifications is a must and gives me an advantage to get in nations to do Gods work. Thus, I came in contact with Christian Leaders Institute while browsing at the internet cafe and immediately submitted for enrollment.

The scholarship at CLI will help me serve and improve my quality of service and of course expand my association with other servants of God in the field. It will also give me material I can pass on to leaders to improve their competence. I need to mention also that my wife is a trained minister of the word as is our firstborn son who majors in Christian poetry. I enjoy preaching, teaching, church planting, and music.

Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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