Youth Minister Calling

Youth Minister Calling

My name is Alicia and I am located in the USA. I grew up in a Lutheran church school, which is where my basic knowledge began. It was in my teenage years where I learned the importance of serving God in prayer and worship. It was in my early adulthood that I found how important it was to be fully saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Spirit. These spiritual bridges were built through a variety of people. Parents, classmates, family, and others. Someone told me before that I had a youth minister calling and was meant to do more for others. However, back then I didn’t see it. My second and third confirmation came after 10 years of trials and tribulations. I always saw myself as a worshipper only, but now I understand that my life, testimony, and knowledge are meant to be shared in order to fulfill God’s greater purpose.

The course has given me the Biblical fundamentals I wanted to learn. Some of the units have spoken to me personally regarding family and what is needed to make a family function in Christ. At this time, my ministry focus is on the youth. I know there is a major gap with my generation in seeking Christ. I want to make sure that the gap is filled here in my community, which is in great need of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge. That is why I am following my youth minister calling as I study here at Christian Leaders Institute.

There are so many experiences that have prompted me to pursue ministry. I believe my hard times triggered a major turn around in my life. I sought Christ more and began to receive blessings. My journey has made me stronger in the Lord and it has been evident that it is time to pay it forward.

Poverty, lack of education, drugs, gang violence, corruption, and everything that is destructive is a challenge. Here at home, my community is one where worldly distractions have consumed people and their thoughts. People forget to pray and go to church. Our leaders within in the community have also failed us. They have fallen victim to selfishness and their own desires. They work against those in need and it’s heartbreaking.

My church is actually the force that has encouraged me to keep working toward ordination. I have a supportive pastor and many of people who care and encourage me in my walk of faith. The scholarship is important because I can’t afford to go to a pay school. I have a large family and a big heart for ministry. Please pray for strength and success in my ministry endeavors.

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