Revival Minister Calling

Revival Minister Calling

My name is Phil, and I live in Northern Ireland. I am seeking to follow a revival minister calling that God has placed on my life. In this country, the ministry can be quite a mixed experience. Some churches are strongly Evangelical and revival focused. However, many others are dwindling without the commitment of the congregations or the resources from the denominations.

My dream in ministry is to serve as a pastor in underprivileged and under resourced churches. I desire to bring about revival through the word of God. The main challenge that I have before me is how difficult it is to pursue a revival minister calling within my denomination. It is a long process with no guarantees of receiving a church position.

I have been a Christian since a young age. But I struggled due to a difficult upbringing in a church that considered itself to have the monopoly on Biblical truth and all other churches to be heretical. Once I realised this was not the case, I recommitted my life to Christ. And, having graduated from university, I began to feel a strong calling on my life towards ministry. I have attempted to pursue that revival minister calling since then. My hope is that ministry training with Christian Leaders Institute will empower me to finally realise this calling as I grow in my walk with God and in the knowledge of Christ.

Please pray that the leaders in my church would recognise and confirm the calling that I have received and that I would be able to take the next steps towards it. Thank you for providing this ministry training for me and others who have God’s calling in their life. Christian Leaders Institute is an answer to prayer.

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