Youth Evangelist

Youth Evangelist

What experiences make someone interested in being a youth evangelist in today’s world? Christian Leaders Institute meets individuals like Nijea Nicole Rich who are called. Here is her journey toward being a youth evangelist in her community.

I am Nijea Nicole Rich, and I was born and raised in New Jersey/USA. I am the youngest of thirteen children and the first on both sides of my family to attend college and receive a college degree. I began my walk with Christ at the age of thirteen after a little over a year of recovering from an attempt at suicide. I wanted to put an end to all of the things I was going through until I found a better way through Jesus Christ.

With Christ’s guidance and protection, I was able to survive and handle the things life had dealt me. It’s because of Him that the trigger I pulled twenty tree years ago did not make the gun go off. Today, I am a Special Investigator for the federal government and am serving and have served his people through Food Ministry, Praise and Worship, Women’s Ministry, Data Entry Ministry, Transportation Ministry and any other ministry that can use my gifts and talents. I do not have any children but I have eleven God-children (ranging from 19yrs. to 2yrs. old) and two spoiled blue Pit Bulls.

Over the years, I have realized that the closer I get in my relationship with Jesus, the more people, especially the youth, come to me for advice and my opinions for relationships, sex, and just growth decisions. I especially enjoy the conversations about relationships and sex with the youth because they are always in awe when I tell them that I am a 34-year-old virgin! They always say “HOW DO YOU DO IT!” My response, “GOD!” My goals and purposes in ministry are just to be able to give everyone who is willing and wants to listen the same “GOOD NEWS” that I was given. So I would say that I identify myself as a youth evangelist in many ways.

I serve the youth because that is when I was reached. I still remember where I was mentally and physically at their age which makes it easier to reach them. I would do Jesus and the people who supported me through my time of confusion a disservice if I do not give unto others as I was given. As I introduce Jesus and bless others with the transparency of my walk, all I ask is that they not keep it to themselves but do the same for another.

Ministry in the U.S is amazing. There are no restrictions or issues with proclaiming my faith or setting an example with my walk. My church has always supported my efforts in ministry by allowing me to operate in my gifts and talents while bringing new ideas and creative works to the ministry.

Just like qualifying and being awarded a Bill Gates Scholarship in College blessed my life, a scholarship with CLI would do the same. The Gates Scholarship presented me with the financial ability to break strongholds and generational behavior and do bigger and better things that have never been done in my family. I broke the barrier of complacency and became the first in my family to do a lot of interesting and constructive things in life. The Gates Scholarship gave a young woman from the hood a chance.

A CLI Scholarship would give me an opportunity to increase my effectiveness efficiency and confidence needed in ministry. The scholarship would allow me to further my knowledge and understanding of Christ, his word and teachings as well as have a solid foundation backing my walk, speech, and counseling. This is an awesome experience that I plan to take full advantage of if given the opportunity and chance.

Prayer for confidence in Him, clarity in hearing his voice and obedience without fear to doing what he is asking me to do is what I am in need of.

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