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Young People are still seeking God. And the fact is the number of Christian Leaders who are called to reach this seeking group is less and less.  “Jesus said, ‘Be fishers of men,'” says Harvard University professor Robert Putnam “and there’s this pool with a lot of fish in it and no fishermen right now.” Putman has researched trends in the religious belief and habits of young people in America.

Who is going to reach the young people?

I am praying that God is going to raise up young Christian leaders to do the reaching. I am praying for young Christian Leaders who know what they believe and are willing to lead those in their age group who need God.

We have many young Christian Leaders studying at Christian Leaders Institute. One of those young people is Stacie. Stacie young christian leadersis 19 years old and lives in New York. Stacie came to know Jesus in her teens. She writes, “I came to know Jesus personally when I was 17, I had known “of” Him but never had a relationship. I went to a revival and that’s where I really started to wanted to know more about Jesus and what exactly my walk with Him could be!”

At Christian Leaders Institute many young Christian Leaders are signing up for classes. These young people are taking advanced classes. Many young Christian Leaders like Stacie do not have very much money so they can not afford the high tuition for ministry training at many schools. But at Christian Leaders Institute the free classes for those that finish the getting started class is exactly what she needed.

Stacie has a bold ministry dream. “My dream is to start up a ministry and help bring youth like myself to know more about Jesus and His love for the world! I believe this generation is a fired up one and I want nothing more than to be apart of it!”

Stacie is a young woman fired up to make a difference for God. The Apostle Paul encourage Timothy to be a young Christian Leader who is worthy of her calling.  Paul said,  Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.(1Tim. 4:12)

Stacie asks for prayers for her ministry journey, “Please pray that I have a boldness and remember that it’s all to fill His Kingdom and serve Him. That my ministry will reach the height God intended. Thank you!”

Quality Training for Young Christian Leaders

Students who have went to various other ministry training schools were asked if Christian Leaders Institute delivers high quality ministry training.

“Praise God for CLI! I have learned a lot from this school, knowledge and discipline I never had before. I wish I have known this when I was a lot younger. CLI definitely offers high quality education for free. ”



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