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Young Christian Leader Has Passion to Change the World! Here is her story!

I am Teagan,  a 16 year old young Christian leader from Australia.young Christian leader
Ministry in Australia is everywhere, from small churches to big organizations.  It is so inspiring to see so many growing and prospering. Bringing people to Jesus is the main commission of churches.

I came to know the Lord through moving schools, after being bullied and isolated I got an opportunity to attend a wonderful Christian School. I was born with no mum and dad and so it is so reassuring that the Lord will never forsake me and that he has plans for my life.  I battled with depression for 3 years. Circumstances are still touchy, but now I am in Jesus Christ. Jesus is amazing! My pop had a mental breakdown and has got emphysema. He is also an Atheist, but I pray for his salvation!

My ministry dream is to minister to those who need Christ both here and in other countries in order to enrich peoples lives with Christ! I believe it is an honor to preach and minister the Word of God!

Personally I love being an Evangelist, and telling people about Christ.  After my past wrongs, sadness and depression, I love the fact I can trust God to help me be a blessing to others.  I want people to benefit from my trails so that they can be helped in their trials.  There is so much more to my story, and it is only just beginning with our amazing God.

At school I have been told that I am a leader. I think about that, and I am amazed at it.  When they keep repeating it, I go to God and tell him and ask him to open doors, and he has!

There are challenges for the spreading of Christianity in where I live. Half of my town does know Christ and I just want to help everyone come to know the Father. My church leaders encourage me to encourage Christians and reach other who does not know Christ.

The ability to study for free and receive high quality ministry training benefits me in so many ways. As young Christian leaders who needs training, I will learn and apply ministry training that will help me change the world for Christ. I will share the gospel, love one another and simply devote my life to bringing people to God. This free training will set me up for the future. Opportunities have come to me!  It is amazing to have this chance to change and impact the world.

Note from Christian Leaders Institute: New mentor centers called micro-seminaries are being formed. Young Christian leaders like Teagan can invite their friends to study online. They can meet one a week or twice a month to support each other on the journey in ministry training. Not only Teagan but others can be raised up to become a mighty force for Christ and his love. If you are a young Christian leader and you see your calling to invite raise up more leaders to join you, enroll now and get your Christian leaders Basic certificate. Check out more stories about CLI students at Facebook.

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