Woman Disciple

Woman Disciple

My name is Loretta Williams. I live in the United States and it can be challenging to do ministry here. However, the challenges here have no comparison to those in other countries. People are seeking and searching for a Savior. Often they find it in other things, people, or substances until someone shares the Love of Christ. I actually grew up in a home where both of my parents taught us about God and we attended church services regularly. My grandparents (who are pastors of their own church) kept us in church and we knew about building a relationship with the Lord. But I did not totally own being a woman disciple of Jesus Christ.

Immediately after my teenage years, I thought I’d try this life on my own terms instead of what I’d been taught (my foundation). Needless to say, my life spiraled downhill and out of control. I had kept in contact with all of my high school classmates, and it was a classmate that was a good friend of mine that continuously asked me if I wanted to attend a church service with her. She asked me so often that I finally replied: “Yes, I’ll go, but only if you stop asking me to go to church after I go one time with you.” Needless to say during that church service I gave my life back to Christ and never stopped attending church after that. My life was forever changed after that service. Things gradually shifted in the right direction, old bad habits and people who weren’t encouraging my walk with Christ began to leave me. It took my friend asking me every time we spoke if I wanted to attend a church service with her to bring me back to know the Lord and to become a woman disciple of Jesus.

My ministry dream is to go around the world speaking to women, single mothers in particular, about how to live this life with Christ and be women disciples of Jesus. I hope to cover everything from finances to parenting with God as your guide and partner.

This first class at CLI has strengthened my Bible connection and walk with God. It has given me a better understanding of the importance of really devoting myself to studying the Word of God. As I have learned in this course, it is the key element to building a closer relationship in my walk with God. This course has encouraged me to do even more research to get a better understanding of God’s Word and determine the practical application.

I identify with Small Group Leader the most. I believe that God is calling me to lead small groups of women around the world. For years I prayed to ask God to reveal to me what my calling and purpose was. And He did, it was something that I was already doing just not from a spiritual perspective. My local church supports me 100% in my ministry calling. Christian Leaders Institute is important to my ministry calling because CLI will help educate me in the areas that I do not know. CLI is stretching me to study and research what I’ve probably never considered studying before. CLI has already encouraged me to dive even deeper into God’s Word.

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