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Blind Faith

Hello everyone. My name is Lynette Kendall. The tuition-free Ministry Program at the Christian Leaders Institute is preparing me for my calling from God.

My Spiritual Development

I was born and raised near Detroit, Michigan, USA. But I have spent most of my adult life in Southwest Virginia since 1995. I am grateful to live in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, surrounded by the wonders of God’s creation. My home sits atop a mountain. I feel incredibly blessed to reside in a picturesque setting on five acres with my husband, Ron, and three of our six children. The other three are married and have families of their own.

My faith journey has been gradual, without a specific “coming to Jesus” moment. From a young age, my maternal grandparents took me to Sunday School and church, providing my initial exposure to God. Since my parents were not strong believers then, my grandfather became my first Christian influence. I witnessed his regular Bible reading, which left a lasting impression on me. In the days before the internet, he and his brother would record themselves reading scripture aloud and send the tapes to one another.

I observed the local Jehovah’s Witnesses visiting my grandfather’s house during that time. Despite their differing beliefs, he welcomed them in and engaged in conversations about the Lord for hours. Little did I realize the impact this had on me. When I turned fifteen, just two days later, my grandfather passed away. Marking my first experience with loss but certainly not my last.

Tragedy and Development

Tragedy struck when I was twenty-three, as my younger brother suffered a sudden heart attack, leaving him with significant brain damage. Although the paramedics and doctors managed to revive him, his essence seemed to be replaced by someone unrecognizable—a grown man trapped in an infant’s body. Nevertheless, my parents decided to care for him at home without outside assistance. Over the next two decades, my mother and father dedicated their lives to his well-being. Their selfless love and sacrificial care for my brother, despite his state, showed me a glimpse of Christ’s actions right before my eyes.

My parents and older sister found salvation in Christ during this challenging journey, further reinforcing the impact of their unwavering love and devotion. My father, despite his stage 4 cancer, fervently prayed to God when my mother passed away after battling various health conditions. He pleaded for God to transfer my mother’s sins and wrongdoings onto him to ensure her entry into Heaven. Though he did not fully understand the theological complexities, his self-sacrificing love for my mother profoundly impacted me.

Health Challenges

Amidst these challenging times, my relationship with the Lord deepened, and my desire to follow Him grew stronger. I married and had children and grandchildren but also battled health issues. I have lived with Crohn’s Disease since my teenage years, which went undiagnosed for a decade due to the focus on my brother’s care. Lack of insurance and financial constraints delayed treatment until my forties, resulting in irreversible damage and life-threatening situations. I have also been dealing with Fibromyalgia and Hashimoto’s Disease, causing chronic pain and limited mobility, rendering me unable to work for several years. However, throughout it all, I have sensed God’s calling.

Tuition-Free Ministry Program at CLI

While I am uncertain of the exact nature of this calling, considering my physical limitations, I am confident that God has led me to the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) for a purpose. Despite the lack of recognition in Virginia, where I reside, CLI’s tuition-free ministry program allows me to pursue my degree from home. My husband and I hope to relocate to the Clearwater, Florida, area within the next five or six years. As I engage in this program, God equips me for His plans for me and my family. Although I walk by blind faith, I trust that He is with me every step of the way.

I hold fast to the promise in Jeremiah 29:11: “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'”

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