ordained full time ministry

My Calling and Ministry

I am at the Christian Leaders Institute for study and growth after God called me into ordained full-time ministry.

I thank God I grew up in a Christian home and attended a Christian school throughout my K-12 years. Saved and baptized as a four-year-old, that moment remains vivid in my memory. At such a young age, God placed a calling on my life, and I had a heart for evangelism, eagerly sharing the Gospel with anyone who would listen. I even preached to my stuffed animals!

After completing school, I pursued a medical career and spent nearly 40 years considering the hospital my mission field. I can’t even begin to count the numerous patients and families God led me to pray with, share my faith with, and encourage.

Ordained Full-Time Ministry

In 2018, God led me out of medicine and into full-time ministry. That’s how I found myself at Christian Leaders Institute, where I was ordained that same year. God began opening doors that I never knew existed. As a result, my evangelism and discipleship work is worldwide. I have ministered in Pakistan, India, various locations in Africa, Turkey, Japan, and even in my own country, the USA. Further, I have written discipleship manuals and teach online classes, helping other churches learn how to disciple effectively. I freely provide them with my materials and remain available as a contact for questions, offering advisory support whenever needed.

Trust me when I say that when you give God your “yes,” He will surpass your wildest expectations with His plans! I intend to continue in ministry until the whole world knows, which is the name of my ministry. Additionally, I have recently launched a local ministry called “Rescue California 23.” My talented musician and singer husband joins me in some of my programs. He also supports and guides men who may benefit from a male perspective on various issues.

It’s important not to focus on excuses like age, gender, or finances when serving God. Instead, recognize God’s ability to transform your “liabilities” into something beyond your imagination. So give your “yes” to God, and He will take care of the rest!

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