Traveling Evangelist

Traveling Evangelist

My name is Jessie Rines and I have a traveling evangelist call on my life. I have always lived in a small town in the state of Maine in the USA. I actually live only two miles from the home I grew up in. My parents still live there. I now live with my husband of almost 14 years and our three children. My husband and I are anxiously awaiting God’s next move in terms of children. We are in our final steps of being licensed to do foster care and adoption. Pray for us if you feel led.

My mother always shared the Lord with me from a young age. When I was 8 years old and at a Vacation Bible School, I went into a room with my pastor’s wife and asked her to help me get saved. I knew then that I needed God. I just didn’t realize at that young age, how badly I would need him. I got baptized that same year.

I went to a public school. I was kind of an outcast since I didn’t want to go to parties or do drugs. I kept to myself and stayed pure for Christ throughout high school. I remember one time, a few of my friends and I gathered around the flagpole in front of the school, locked hands and started praying. The principal came out and asked us to go into a classroom and shut the door because that is not what our school needed. I decided to graduate early, for multiple reasons and did graduate just two weeks after turning 17. I then went to a local community college. I was going for business management.

My husband and I met right before college. I worked at a chiropractor’s office, and he was a patient. We ended up going to the same college. We met and decided to get married. I stopped taking classes to become a wife, and became a mother rather quickly. Over the last years, our walk with God has had ups and downs. We have had many struggles and trials, including almost losing our son at 11 months old to a peanut allergy.

During our marriage, we had a family bluegrass band and enjoyed playing at the local bluegrass festivals. We are pretty musically inclined and really enjoy playing and singing. We stopped the band after our last show where I was in labor with our second child. Yes, you heard right, I was in labor and trying to play an upright bass on stage. It was truly quite a sight. Since then, we have wondered what God wants for us to do with our musical abilities. We have seen many families go from church to church playing gospel music and preaching. Our traveling evangelist hearts are tugged every time we see a family come.

We have been trying to conceive baby number four but so far that door is closed. We have been working on getting licensed for foster care for over a year and are almost done. We are praying God brings us the right children that will want to worship him and travel with us. Children are a blessing from God and we want to bless others with our music and teachings of the Bible. My husband is also thinking of taking classes from Christian Leaders Institue so he can preach at churches on our traveling evangelist journeys. Our 13-year-old son is also saying he would like to take classes and be a youth pastor so when we travel, he could teach the teens.

We have had many people come up to us from our church and say we should travel and minister to others. Our hearts are in it and we truly would love to do this for the Lord. The church sold us one of their buses and we are in the process of converting it into a camper. We are excited about these next few years to see what God does for us to be able to accomplish this dream.

I am excited to take more of the ministry training classes at CLI to broaden my knowledge of the Bible. I homeschool my children, so I am also hoping I have some things I can share with them as well. Thank you, CLI, for this opportunity to learn and become a church leader for free. It is such a great blessing.

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