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Only God has the power to transform lives. People have mastered the ability to mask and suppress, but only God can truly transform. Lives are changed when they encounter the power of Jesus Christ in a real, personal way.

Jordan Dainty had a personal experience with God’s power to transform lives. Even though he’d heard about Jesus since he was young, he was never shown how to live a daily Christian walk with God. So he ended up falling into addictions. At the young age of 13, he was under the power of drugs and alcohol.

My name is Jordan Robert Dainty and I live in the United States of America. I grew up going to church only on holidays such as Christmas and Easter, but had no significant involvement in the church fellowship. From as early as I can remember I felt moved by the word of God and the great sacrifice Jesus made for humanity. Doing ministry in the U.S. is comparably one of the easiest countries in the world. There is very little persecution of Christianity anywhere in the U.S. Church planting and finding ways and means to get education for ministry training are very accessible here. Coming to know just that little bit about God as a young child always kept me yearning for a more in-depth walk with Him. It is a true blessing to live in a country where, after my ministry training is complete, I have so many opportunities to utilize the knowledge I have gained.

When I was thirteen years old my addictions to drugs and alcohol began to take hold of my life. My great aunt Sherry caught wind of this and offered for me to go to Bible camp that summer. I went and it ended up being one of the greatest experiences of my life. I ended up attending camp through the same church two more times that year (once in the Fall and again in the Spring). During those months is when I truly accepted Jesus into my heart as my Lord and Savior. Although it would be a little over ten years before I decided to turn my life over to God.

As we might say in the U.S., God’s in the business of transforming lives. When Jordan committed himself to Jesus, he learned that it was possible to experience freedom from these addictions. Now he wants to go out and be God’s instrument to transform lives that are as lost as he once was.

My dream for ministry is very clear in my life today. Some Christian brothers and sisters of mine are in the early stages of planting a church in the inner city area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. We are all recovering drug addicts who have decided it is time to turn our lives over to the Lord our God. Even before beginning this process we realized that we would need leaders in the church who are settled in their walk and doctrine, just as Raising Up Revival Leaders has revealed. In 1 Timothy 3:10 says, “Before they are appointed as deacons, let them be closely examined. If they pass the test, then let them serve as deacons.” (NLT). If I broke down my ministry dream into two sentences, it would be expressed like this: I want to learn and grow in the Word of God, and in a relationship with Him, so that I may know Him well enough to properly teach others so that they might do the same. I want to be a legacy to what God can do to transform lives, so that when others see the blessings in my life they also decide to begin a vital walk with Him.

The title or path I most identify with in my walk with God is ‘Youth Leader’. My whole life I have had the ability to really relate, identify, and teach children of all ages. They gravitate toward me and I can only account that to a God given ability now that I see my purpose and will for God. I think that my time learning here at Christian Leaders Institute will be most well spent and most meaningful if I utilize my skills of reaching children.

Many times the best time to transform lives is during the youthful years. Addictions to drugs and alcohol often start in the early teens, and Jordan experienced this personally. Now he’s using his experience for the Lord among the youth.

Although there are not many challenges in my geographic area I know that, at this point, there are a couple challenges we are facing. We have yet to find a church that will take us under their wing to help build us up, strengthen, and teach us during this process. We do have some ideas of who we might ask or where we might go, but nothing is final yet. We are still in the process of asking and then receiving help from our local church or churches.

My family may not know it yet, but their influence on my ministry calling has been an indirect, yet substantial one. Almost every member of my immediate family suffer from the disease of addiction. My mom, dad, step-mom, and sister are still in the process of separating themselves from their active use, and finding recovery from their addiction. Due to the struggles my family faces I have been compelled to be strong and successful, so they can witness the change in my life and, in turn, want it for themselves as well.

The scholarship and CLI is so important to me because I fear without it I won’t be able to obtain the knowledge I need to be a successful leader in Christ. The classes I plan to take through Christian Leaders Institute I believe will properly equip me with the tools I need to be successful as a disciple for the Kingdom of God.

I ask that you send prayers that I can come to know God’s word, that I receive strength every day to accomplish the things I need to for this journey. I ask that you pray for our new church and that we may be successful in establishing our new place of worship. I also ask that you pray that I may gain wisdom and knowledge through the Word and that my life may be a reflection of that.

Perhaps you would like a new life in Jesus, or perhaps you could be God’s instrument to transform lives in your community. Imagine if every Christian leader in the world were setting out with a mission to transform lives for Jesus. What an effect that would have on the world!

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